Al Jazeera And The Syrian Revolution

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The Research Questions:

The study theoretical interest is to explore the use of frames in Aljazeera Satellite Channel concerning the conflict in Syria. Many critics have been addressing the channel’s attitude toward this matter. Aljazeera is accused of bias, sectarianism and supporting political Islam and fundamental groups. This research aim to examine these claims in general,

Main Question: Does Aljazeera adopt a sectarian discourse to label Alawite sect and promote the Sunni political Islam in framing civil war in Syria?
RQ1: How does Aljazeera present the Alawite sect?
RQ2: How does Aljazeera present the Sunni sect?
RQ3: How does Aljazeera present Fundamental groups such as Nusra and Ahrar Al sham?
RQ4: How does Aljazeera present political Islam?

The Sample:

A theoretical sample was drawn from the research questions. This sampling method allows the researcher to choose the material that helps to develop the hypothesis while researching. “The analyst jointly collects, codes, and analyses his data and decides what data to collect next and where to find them, in order to develop his theory as it emerges.” (Glaser, 1967, p. 45)
“A method of data collection based on concepts/themes derived from data. The purpose of
Theoretical sampling is to collect data from places, people and events that will maximise
Opportunities to develop concepts in terms of their properties and dimensions, uncover variations, and identify relationships between concepts”. (Strauss, 2008, p. 143)

Sample flaws and overcoming them:
There are some unavoidable disadvantages in the sample of any research. At first place, this study aimed basically to study framing sectarianism through reporting atrocities on Aljazeera. To do that nineteen massacres coverage are analysed. These events represent an extreme violent action and reveal the brutal involvement of different parts. Nevertheless, and due to the absence of the Massacre committed on Alawite villages in Aljazeera newsfeed committed by opposition fighters, the study had to add episodes from different programs to shed light on the image of Jihadists on the channel.
These episode also allow to read Aljazeera frames in the absence of atrocities, and to compare and understand how reporting atrocities of civil war and discussion over the politics of this war cope together to build one editorial strategy in order to frame the Syrian conflict.

It is true that I intentionally chose these episodes, but this was only possible because I have used the theoretical sample method. From one side, while analysing Aljazeera reports on the massacres committed in 2013, I realized that there was an ignorance of the massacre committed in Alawite villages. From another side, the political explanation presented throughout the channel programs would balance the reports analysis output in this study case.
The thought of analysing the content of the six episodes of “The icons of Armed Opposition” seemed the...

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