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Alan's 2014 History Essay

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Technology and science were one of the huge factors for Canada being such a success to its own country and to the world. In technology and science, there were many inventions that were developed in Canada that wowed the world and made “Canada” feel incredible. Even though war is sad and cruel, the crazy survival instincts and confidence to strive for success has made Canada’s technology and science advance greatly. During the near closing point of the 20th century, Canada’s environment and living is being more advanced and they are thinking about the future.Canada filled and changed the world with new technologies and new looks of the world with its early inventions in 1914 – 1935. Guglielmo Marconi invented the first radio and when he improved this invention, it changed the lives of many people in Canada. The radio is what females and some males would listen to when doing house work to be more relaxed and to waste time. This is significant because Canadians thought it was very impressive and soon the world started using it and it shows us that Canada is advancing above every other country in the 20th century. In October 1920, Dr. Frederick G. thought to produce insulin to treat diabetes, and when he succeeded, he improved the living of Canadians through science and technology. When the insulin was first used in a fourteen-year old boy who acquired diabetes, the insulin worked to help his disease and when it worked, hundreds of diabetes came to Toronto to be treated after hearing about its exciting success. This invention has made Canada shine during this time because saving lives is huge! Using technology and science, inventing this insulin in Canada shows Canada’s success and how much Canada has done in the 20th century. In 1922, Armand Bombardier made the first ever snowmobile when he was just fifteen-years old. During the winter in Canada, it is difficult to go one location to another using automobile like cars for example. Creating this made life of Canada so much easier. This creation has changed the lives of Canada, and other parts of the world that have snow during the shivery winters. This is super significant because it gave the world new ideas, new jobs, businesses and changed the whole dynamic of life. It is also significant because it was in Canada. Canada’s early inventions like the invention of the radio, diabetes insulin and snowmobile has filled and changed the world with new technologies and new looks of the world. But inventions weren’t the only things that made Canada significant in the 20th century.World War II was in a time of place where the world needed to work together and survive. Canada and the rest of the world thought broad and wide to come up with bigger advancements on current technology and science, which improved Canadian technology and science. Canadians can take the technology and use it for other situations and other occasions when needed or in the future. Building ships during the World War II took very...

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