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Alanna Shaikh´S How Am I Preparing To Get Alzheimer

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Alzheimer’s disease is unfortunately one of the most common diseases amongst people that are coming of age. Alanna Shaikh, a global health and development specialist, discusses the growing disease in her Ted Talk: “How I’m preparing to get Alzheimer’s.” ( She discusses her experience watching her father’s memory deteriorate as a result of his Alzheimer’s disease. she addresses the fact that most people are not prepared for Alzheimer’s because of their denial. She confesses, “the big numbers of people who get it, [dementia] frighten us. And, because of that fear, we do one of two things. We go into denial, or we decide that we are going to prevent dementia. I’m looking for a third way.” (Alanna Shaikh, ‘How I’m Preparing to get Alzheimer’s’) This leads to the main idea: We can continue life after Alzheimers through these certain techniques and through correct preparation. Alanna then describes the different activities that she is doing to prepare herself for this disease, rather than possessing denial, and still falling victim to it. There are many different ways to prepare for Alzheimers. Living with this disease involves mostly muscle memory. Therefore, performing activities that enhance muscle memory can assist you in preparation. ( This involves perfecting many different hands-on tasks to generate the memory. Also, another way of preparation would be to attach certain memories to the senses, specifically sounds, smells, and tastes. Some of the major physical side effects of Alzheimers to prepare for, are muscle tremors, loss of mobility, and loss of balance. ( One should improve their sense of balance, allowing control over the body when infected with Alzheimer’s. Lastly, to prepare for this disease involves becoming a better person and living a fulfilling life, before this ability is taken away. (Alanna Shaikh, ‘How I’m Preparing to get Alzheimer’s’)
Alzheimer’s disease is a very serious and aggressive disease that specifically attacks the brain nerve cells. The neurons in the cells produce a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) that breaks connections with other nerve cells and causes them to involuntarily die off. ( There are two different obstacles that clog up an infected individual's brain. The first is known as Beta-amyloid plaque, which is a series of sticky protein clumps that form around the nerve cells. The second substance is called neurofibrillary tangles. These are twisted fibers that form inside of nerve cells. They are insoluble, meaning that they can not be dissolved or removed. This causes the disease to be known as a progressive disease, meaning that it continues to worsen over time. ( This is the reason why knowing the symptoms for Alzheimer’s disease is extremely important in preparing for it, because this may allow the disease to be caught early, before much progression. The symptoms for Alzheimer’s disease include loss of memory,...

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