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Alaxander The Great Essay

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The Dali Lama was quoted saying, “With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” Alexander the Great had a big impact on Greece and the whole western world for expanding his empire along with spreading Hellenistic culture and for this he is considered an example of true hero.
Alexander was born in Macedonia in July 356 BCE to Kind Phillip II and Olympias. Olympias made Alexander believe that he was able to do incredible things throughout his life, which gave him confidence to do all the things he would later accomplish (Mcgowen 29).
Alexander was also strongly influenced by his teachers and the education he received. Leonidas was sent to train Alexander by his father to teach him how to be a true soldier. He taught him to be a horseman, athlete, and swordsman. Leonidas used to take Alexander on long, hard marches and gave him a small and plain portion of food like a soldier would receive (Mcgowen 29-30). This training from Leonidas affected the way Alexander would become a warrior and leader of his army. After the training of Leonidas, Alexander entered the School of Royal Pages at the age of fourteen. This school was made up of fifty students who were sons of nobles. The next four years Alexander made lifelong friends, who later on became advisors, generals, and commanders in his army. At the school, the students would teach you how to use weapons and work out until they were adequate to be a commander or leader of the Macedonian army. The boys in the school wanted to become a leader and conqueror like King Philip and constantly looked up to him as a role model (Mcgowen 30-32).
Another influence in Alexander’s childhood education was from Aristotle. King Philip invited Aristotle to take over Alexander’s education at the age of fourteen. Aristotle taught him how to use logic and always think before you do an action in life. That affected Alexander in how he made strategies and plans before a battle (Mcgowen 33). Additionally, Aristotle made Alexander believe to treat conquered people as plants and animals. However, Alexander did not agree with Aristotle’s advice and teachings. Therefore, he went against what he was taught to show that these conquered people are humans and all humans deserve respect. Additional to Aristotle’s teachings, he gave Alexander a copy of Homer’s Iliad. IN THE Iliad, Achilles Character influenced Alexander. The idea of the Achilles accepting his own death is what caught Alexander’s attention.
“According to Homer, both Thetisklos (Achilles’s mother) and Achilles knew that once he had avenged Partroklos by killing Hektor, his own death would be near. But in avenging his friends he would win the only kind of immorality available to mortals: excellent glory(Rogers 8).”
By learning this, Alexander accepted his death for everlasting glory. This explains a lot of Alexander’s actions throughout his life. “Like Achilles, to gain all, Alexander was ready to risk...

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