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Biography On Hamilton Howard (Albert) Fish

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Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish was a truly disturbed human being and one of the most

notorious serial killers of his time. His family had a history of mental disorders, which may have

influenced his behavior. When he was a young boy he was sent to an orphanage, he was whipped

and beaten there, this is where it was thought he obtained a love for pain especially when it was

inflicted on himself. He married to a woman and they had five children, his wife left him and

that's when his strange behavior started, he would sometimes scream into the sky I am Christ. He

also loved to ne whipped and paddled and x-rays later showed that he had stuck needles into his

body so deep he couldn't get them out. He soon developed a sort of bloodlust and started to get

into cannibalism, he confessed to killing and eating three children, one was Grace Budd; an

extensive investigation got him caught. His trial took ten days and the jury reached a verdict in

less than an hour of guilty, the judge sentenced him to death by electrocution, Albert thanked the

judge for this. On January 16th, 1936, he was taken to the chair; his last words were "I don't even

know why I am even here".

Albert Fish 3

Early Life

Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was born on May 19th

father was Randall Fish, he was a boat captain and he had religious mania, a severe mental

disorder. The Fish family was thought to have a history of extreme mental disorders and this

may have caused Albert to act the way he did. His father died of a heart attack in 1875, Albert

was only five years old. Albert’s mother put him an orphanage as she could no longer take care

of him at the moment. He was the youngest of the four children in his family; he had three older

siblings Walter, Annie, and Edwin. He wanted to be called Albert after a sibling that had passed

away, and to avoid the nicknames kids at the orphanage gave him. At this orphanage he was

repeatedly whipped and beat, and he soon began to like physical pain. In 1879 his mom got a job

and was able to take care of Albert again, but what happened at the orphanage stayed with Albert

for the rest of his life. He was thought to be in a homosexual relationship at the age of twelve,

and in 1890 the family moved to New York and Albert said he had become a male prostitute

(Blanco). He was soon arrested for embezzlement in New York and was sent to Sing Sing Prison

in New York.


In 1898 shortly after Albert was release from prison, his mother set up a marriage

between Albert who was twenty five, and a woman that was nineteen years old. They had six

children they were, Albert Jr., Anna, Gertrude, Eugene, John and Henry Fish. Albert had only a

Albert Fish 4

little education, and worked as a painter and a handyman. His children said that Albert only

started to act strange when his wife left him in for a man named John Straube. Straube was also a

handyman and was boarding with the family. Albert returned...

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