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Alchemist: Santiago And The Key Elements Of The Story

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The Three Spanish Coins: As mentioned in the scrapbook they represent to Santiago more than material wealth, they convey to him that though his parents were against his decision of leaving priesthood for the act of mere traveling, his father somewhat understood his dreams. Had it not been for the three spanish coins he may have never possibly began his adventures as a shepard and may have never had the idea of pursuing his legend. But those are simply possibilities and the larger picture lies at the basis that he had received the approval of his father before he had decide to leave everything for a new life. On another note the coins may have been a prediction to what was to come for Santiago, just as his dad found the coins Santiago was destined to find Spanish coins in the treasure too.
Sycamore Tree and the Dream: Though it is posisbly unknown to Santiago at the begining of the novel it represents the start and finish of Santiago's Personal Legend. As Santiago soon comes to realize that maybe the Sycamore Tree had a daunting effect on him due the reoccuring dream, he begins to purseu to find out the meaning of his dream. The dream of a innocent boy playing with his sheep and ultimately taking him to the pyramids of Egypt eventually heightens Santiago's curiosity and his obsession behind understanding the dream takes him to a gypsy who encourages Santiago to take the next step in finding the treasure which truely does exist.
The Sheep: In a simply sentence the sheep for Santaigo are his family because his desire to travel has left him without a family and so even though the sheep are dependent on him for necessities, he is also dependent on them for the understanding and love of family. However the sheep represent much more than that too; the sheep are a representation of an obstacle that hinder people from achieving thier Personal Legend. The sheep are blind to the perfection of the travels and beauty of the world, and content to mere material needs, like the crystal merchant, and soon begin to dismiss opportunities due to their narrowmindedness . Santiago's growing disgust of his sheep pushes him towards the beginning of his journey.
Urim & Thummim: Though they may appear to be on to stones they have a larger impact on Santiago and his decisions. Though Santiago was told not consult them unless needed and to make his own deicisons, the stones are a fundamental reminder of the King and a motivation factor for Santiago. Though he doesn not let the stone control his path to his Personal Legend the very sight or thought of them has managed to bring Santiago back on the track to his Personal Legend. The signifigance in the stones lies in its ability to guide Santiago.
Sword and Scabbard: Though the scabbard and the sword are emphasized for thier beaty they hold much more importance in the content of the novel. For one they were to be a motivation factor because Santiago had told himself that when he was to return from Egpyt with his treasure he...

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