Alcohol Abuse In Teenagers Essay

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According to a study conducted by the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Association, approximately 11,318 American teenagers try alcohol for the first time everyday. Teenagers experience the pressures of everyday life; therefore, some teens may begin to drink to cope with the stress. During the teenage years of one’s life, peers influence many decisions. For this reason, peer pressure is a major cause of alcohol abuse in teenagers. Additionally, teenagers are known to be rebellious. Hormones and the stress of every day life may create a rebellious teen. This rebellious nature may lead to the alcohol abuse in a teenager. Due to stress, peer pressure, and rebellious natures, American teenagers are engaging in risky behaviors, which are detrimental to society.
The definition of stress is an organism’s response to environmental demands or pressures. In humans results from interactions between people and their environment that are perceived as straining or exceeding their adaptive capacities and threatening their well-being. Today, teenagers have the stress of academic achievement and accomplishment dumped onto their shoulders. This can lead to drinking, which may ease the stress of everyday life. Like adults, teenagers drink to relieve the anxiety and tension that they feel from the pressure to become better. Although alcohol is relaxing and makes teenagers feel free, it also stimulates stress hormones. Due to the stress hormones that alcohol creates, there is a never-ending cycle of stress that can not be avoided unless one finds another way to ease his or her stress. Between tests, homework, and extra-curricular activities, teenagers feel stressed and anxiety-ridden every day. Drinking may help to relieve the stress, but there is a horrible cost. In a survey conducted in 2002, the results concluded that nearly 3.2 million teenagers had dropped out of school, and half of those who dropped out had smoked cigarettes, used illegal drugs, or abused alcohol. The survey was conducted by an organization called the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Stress can lead to alcohol abuse in teenagers, but there are many other ways to cope with stress besides drinking. Getting a good night’s sleep, taking a break once in a while, and talking about feelings are all great ways to deal with stress. Teenagers must deal with stress everyday, and everyone deals with stress a bit differently. For some, drinking relieves stress, but it is extremely dangerous to their health.
Stress is not the only factor that leads to teenagers’ drinking. Peer pressure is another major factor that can lead to alcohol abuse in teenagers. Usually, during teenage years, teenagers spend more time with their friends instead of their family. Teens cannot escape peer pressure, and most people must experience it at some point in their life. The teenage years are definitely some of the hardest years in a person’s life. Fitting in and being popular are major factors in some people’s...

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