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Alcohol Addiction Essay

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Alcohol Addiction

Research methods to investigate Irish people’s attitudes to alcohol:

• Qualitative research

This research is carried out when we want to describe and understand experience, ideas, beliefs and values. Researchers aim to gather a deep understanding of human behaviour and the reasons that govern such behaviour. The qualitative method investigates the reasons behind the decision making process, not just what, where and when. Therefore, smaller but more focused samples are often used rather than large samples.
Focus groups, in-depth interviews and content analysis are among some of the approaches used, but the research involves the analysis of any unstructured data, ...view middle of the document...

Ethical Concerns

Ethical concerns involving:

• Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Privacy and Anonymity
Any person participating in a research study has a reasonable expectation that privacy will be guaranteed. Therefore, no personal information about the individual should be revealed. Any person participating in a research study has a reasonable expectation that their identity will not be revealed.

Any person participating in a research study has a reasonable expectation that information provided to the researcher will be treated in a strictly confidential manner. The person is entitled to expect that such information will not be given to anyone else.

Informed Consent
People participating in a research study have a reasonable expectation that they will be informed of the nature of the study and may choose whether or not to participate. They also have a reasonable expectation that they will not be forced into taking part.

People participating in a research study have a reasonable expectation that the method of the researcher will not be overly intrusive. Intrusiveness can mean intruding on their time, space and on their personal lives.

Data Interpretation
A researcher is expected to analyse data in a manner that avoids misstatements, misinterpretations, or fraudulent analysis.

• Covert Observation

The researcher may have to become involved in criminal or dangerous activities.
Having to act out forms of behaviour which the researcher may personally find unethical....

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