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Alcohol, also known as the party juice, There is a lot of debate going on about alcohol and what the drinking age in the U.S. should be. The U.S. is the only country in the world that has the drinking age being twenty-one as to everywhere else, for example in Europe, where it is eighteen. Even though a lot of people want the drinking age to be lowered to eighteen so they could purchase the alcohol legally, it’s sadly not going to happen. I am neutral in the debate since I see just as many pros as I see cons. Alcohol could have a huge impact on your life if you don’t limit yourself. Even though it is great at parties and social gatherings to make the atmosphere a little better, it could be ...view middle of the document...

S. The behaviors of the two were completely different, the cousins from Poland were very aggressive and liked getting into arguments and fights as opposed to my cousins that lived here that didn’t consume alcohol and were very calm and studious.

The side effects of alcohol abuse will be visible both mentally and physically. Alcohol was said to kill off brain cells, however Even though Alcohol might not kill off your brain cells, it still causes other diseases. One of the diseases linked to chronic drinking is Anemia
Cardiovascular disease is also linked to being associated with heavy drinking. Consuming large quantities of alcohol makes platelets be more vulnerable to stick together and form blood clots, which could lead to a possible heart attack or stroke Heavy drinking could also cause a potentially deadly condition in which the heart muscle becomes weak and fails after some time, as well as the abnormal heart rhythms such as atrial and ventricular fibrillation in which the heart’s upper chamber which is called (atria) to twitch chaotically as opposed to constricting rhythmically can cause blood clots and trigger a stroke. It causes rapid loss of consciousness and if the person does not receive immediate help, it results in sudden death.

Depression is just another thing that can result in excessive consumptions of alcohol. I’m not too sure which one I think comes first, the drinking, or the depression and which causes which. I believed that because people were sad and depressed because of different reasons and that that’s what caused them to start drinking, Therefore depression did not cause a person to become an alcoholic, it was the alcohol that caused the person to become depressed. My dad has a friend that I had met a couple years back and he was the coolest guy ever, once he started drinking he became very anti-social and I didn’t get to see him as much since he didn’t want to come out. He started drinking and no one got to see him as much after that and then he became depressed. He called from time to time and just complained to my dad how his life went from being so amazing to him being depressed and he didn’t how what he should do about it. My father suggested for him to stop drinking, but that was where denial has kicked in and he said that it is not because of drinking that he is depressed, it is because of how he doesn’t like his life and that he drinks because he is depressed.

The effect that alcohol and its abuse has on families is hugeAlcoholic’s in the family can ruin the whole family and even ruin someone as an individual because they can’t deal with that person anymore. Families of alcoholics are dysfunctional and quite often that is the cause of divorce. Even though most people just couldn’t deal with something like that everyday some married couples do take on involuntary roles when living with an alcoholic. They go into denial that their partner has any kind of an addiction or they are just too scared to approach and...

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