Alcohol And Its Effects Essay

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Alcohol and its Effects

     Alcohol is a substance that has become a part of the social settings in today’s world. Many people can say they have drunk alcohol and most can even remember their first sip of beer. Whether it was given to us by our parents or at a social engagement, everyone has encountered alcohol in their lives. But as responsible people, have we ever stopped to realize that we are taking a drug in to our system that is both harmful and addictive? Alcohol affects a wide range of digestive-system disorders such as inflammation of pancreas and cirrhosis of the liver. The central and peripheral nervous systems can be permanently damaged causing blackouts, hallucinations, and extreme tremor may occur. As if the there was not enough effects from alcohol, vitamin deficiency is also one of the major effects cause by alcohol causing folate and thiamine deficiencies. Though there are a variety of drinking patterns and the range of injuries among alcohol abusers, some are mild and can recover on their own with the right tools and techniques. Others are critical and need hospitalization and prolong rehabilitation with custodian supervision.
     Ten percent of the adult drinkers in the United States are considered alcoholics or at least they experience drinking problems to some degree. There is about 5% of ethyl alcohol in a beer, 7-14% in table wine, 20% in fortified wind such as Sherry, and 40% in distilled spirits as Whiskey. These drinks cause toxic to the digestive organs causing damages the liver and cause inflammation of pancreas. The liver damage will swell with acute intoxication, often painfully, and will show fatty infiltration and enlargement if ingestion continues regularly. With excessive alcohol over many years, the ravaged liver becomes scarred, shrunken, and relatively non-functional. This end-stage cirrhosis is associated with the yellow, demented alcoholic, belly swollen with water. The pancreatitis is a consequence of alcoholism as well. Alcohol stimulates pancreatic secretion. Malnutrition with deficiencies of protein and vitamins contributes to chronic pancreatic dysfunction. Impairment of pancreatic enzyme production spoils digestion and contributes to malabsorption of nutrients. Decreased insulin production may cause or aggravate diabetes.
     It is estimated that the annual number of deaths related to excessive drinking exceed 97,000 in the United States alone. Economic costs related to alcoholism are at...

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