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Alcohol And Drug Abuse Among Patients With Schziophrenia

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Do you take your ability to know who you are and what is going on for granted? Well you shouldn't because schizophrenia patients don't always know what is going on and suffer from not knowing who they are. Many people believe schizophrenia is a many personalities disorder. Schizophrenia is a now common disease in all over the world and no one yet knows what causes it. Schizophrenia is a serve brain disease that interferes with the normal brain and mental function. It can trigger hallucinations and delusions. People with schizophrenia often require hospitalization and treatment which they will give you different medicines to help you out with schizophrenia. Different effects that patients with schizophrenia can develop with this mental illness include, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse and last but not least relationship problems. So how do these cause effect people with schizophrenia read more to find out!
Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for schizophrenic patients the reason patients might have thoughts of suicide is because depression plays a big part in that. Schizophrenia can cause depression which can cause suicide thoughts and or intentions. 'One half of people with schizophrenia experience a period of depression during lifetime' (Brichford). 'Nearly one third of patients truly diagnosed with schizophrenia will attempt suicide'(Bengston). Statics were showing that one third of patients will attempt suicide and that doctors will have to keep a close eye on patients who try to kill themselves. Another reason schizophrenia patients would want to try to commit suicide is because they do not feel wanted in the world because they can’t control what is going on in their mind and might go insane. 'Studies review alert us to the dangers of suicide with people who have schizophrenia because they feel like they aren't wanted'(Jobe). To sum that all up is that people with this mental illness have hard time dealing and coping with stress, they believe suicide is the answer to getting them out of their pain. In addition I will keep telling you about schizophrenia and what they have deal with going on to alcohol and drug abuse.
Alcohol and drug abuse is common in patients with schizophrenia. They feel lonely and they believe if I take these drugs than I will feel better about myself. 'Substance abuse is 29% of people with mental illness'(Brichford). Many people think they are doing them a good when abusing illegal drugs but it is really hurting them because they will see hallucations and won't know what is going on because they are too high on that drug to feel better about them. Hallucinations can and will occur on a certain type of medicine that the person is using to make themselves feel better. Certain drugs for example people who smoke marijuana will most likely stop and follow through with their treatment plan. Even thought abusing substances may help the patients feel better themselves it is messing around with their body and...

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