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I asked my fifteen year-old brother what he would like to learn about if he could pick anything and I was surprised when he said he wanted to learn about the effects of alcohol on the body. While searching the internet for the perfect site, I came across a government website called This website is designed specifically for teenagers to learn about the effects of alcohol, and it contains facts about abusing alcohol at an early age. It allows them to take quizzes to test their knowledge about alcohol use. Additionally, if a teenager or someone close to them feels that they have a problem, there is a link that directs them to other sites for support, advice about group support such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and even treatment centers for teens who want to quit drinking. The purpose of teaching alcohol awareness to teenagers is to inform them of the short-term and long-term effects that alcohol has on the body, describe how using alcohol at a young age can lead to other self-destructive behaviors, and empower them to resist peer pressure to drink alcohol.
Alcohol is a depressant, which means that once ingested it slows down your brain function and can actually block messages sent by your body to your brain. “Short term effects include altered perception, vision, emotions, and impaired judgment. Long term health effects from consuming alcohol include cirrhosis (when your liver cannot function like it’s supposed to), vitamin deficiencies, heart damage, and a high risk of overdosing” (Teen Health). These are serious problems that can be greatly reduced by implementing alcohol awareness programs with teenagers.
Education about alcohol awareness for teenagers is important now more than ever, because the incidence of underage drinking is becoming more prominent in the world today. There are many reasons why teenagers resort to drinking. Some major ones include stress, low self-esteem, domestic violence or divorce, and peer pressure. As nurses, our responsibility is to provide public education to this age group with the information they need to make the right decision regarding alcohol use and why the best decision is to refrain. Obviously we cannot make the decision for them, but if they have the facts about consequences, both physical and mental, the odds are better that they will abstain from this destructive behavior. Surprisingly, I have found that it is more likely to be effective for children to hear this information from adults other than their parents because often teens assume parents are trying to dictate their lives. Parents of teens are between “a rock and a hard place” because by the time the kids reach this age they want more privacy and they are striving to become independent. They do not want their parents telling them what they can and cannot do. Trust is also a huge issue with teens. After talking to my brother, I learned that he feels parents should trust their children more. Often he feels that parents...

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