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Looking back at this project I can say in confidence that I have prepared for all aspects and obstacles that I will face in the production of this video programme.The strengths of this programme are the forms of influence that we will be using to get a message across to teenagers. For example, the use of real people who fell victim to alcohol abuse. They tell the audience how much alcohol abuse can run lives and persuade them not to drink excessively. Another good aspect is the use of music to reach younger people.The weaknesses of this programme are in the ideas department. I have put forward three ideas, as specified but I did not go beyond these ideas such as exploring the effects it has on the friends and families of the victims of alcohol abuse.The research that I carried out was very useful. I searched web pages on government websites. I found one site named 'alcohol strategy' which gave me more than enough information and statistics. I also read a number of books that gave me graphs and diagrams as a guideline. I can say that the research helped me a lot when it came to having ideas for the programme.The audience survey that I carried out was equally helpful because it backed up what my Internet research had stated. I knew I was on the right path in term of codes and conventions of the programme.The use of teenagers to present the show would get the message across more clearly, plus it is what the audience wanted in the survey. It would also have been wise if there was a celebrity on the programme because often that has a great impact on an audience especially teenagers.I would like to express my interests in this project by putting forward a proposal relating to the alcohol abuse problem. My name is Usman Khalid and I am the head of the Production Company known as Armani Inc. In response to your requirements, I have constructed this proposal giving a concise idea to the range of innovations that would prove relevant; I have also constructed a fully integrated treatment for one product that develops further.To begin my proposal I have researched the commission of a small media productions company. This is to prove my knowledge and understanding of the commissioning process. There are different types of commissions for different types of products. My research is based on a video product.The Production Company is known as Red Devil films LTD. I have researched their many past productions and have found a current idea which Red Devil are developing and putting into production, 'Dad's Boot's'.They originally set up in 1998 by a group of film school graduates from the Surrey Institute of Art andDesign, after the success of "When the Reds Come Marching In", directed by Laura Baylem.Originally set up in 1996 to make the short film "When the Reds Come Marching In" for the Fuji filmScholarship, Red Devil Films has progressed into a small production company with a focus on usingnew talent, fresh ideas and approaches in the production of Drama and...

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