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Alcohol Dehydration Essay

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All people know that alcohol is bad for you- but how is it bad? One way this is so is dehydration. Dehydration is when the amount of fluid in someone’s body, which is necessary for the blood to be of appropriate liquidity, is low. The body sends messages to the brain saying, “We are thirsty.” Some of these messages might be “Do not urinate anymore” or “Do not sweat anymore.” This is because that is all the liquid the body has left to keep. When people experience dehydration, they need water or some form of healthy liquid. Dehydrated just means not enough water in a persons body. As Rojet’s Thesaurus puts it, dehydration is “lack of moisture.” Dehydration is not good for any person’s body because it causes your heart to work harder. This can cause blood clots, and it is harder to move oxygen in thick blood. When your brain is not getting enough oxygen, it can cause many life-threatening circumstances. Some examples are: stroke, aneurysms (blood vessels burst in the brain), and heart attacks. Alcohol is known as a natural diuretic, which means it flushes fluids out of your body. When people drink alcohol, it causes the kidneys to “let go” of the urine more than usual. That is what causes a hangover: the unbalance of salts in the water and blood of the body causing upset stomach and headache. Alcohol also acts as vasodilator, which means it causes the body’s blood vessels to expand. Although vasodilators help high blood pressure, it is not good to “use” them/it if you don’t need it. Alcohol weakens and damages the cerebral cortex in your brain, which controls your behavior. When alcohol goes into a person’s body, it slows down the process of the body sending messages to control the eyes, mouth, ears, and other senses. Other parts of the brain that are affected by alcohol are the cerebellum, hypothalamus and pituitary, and many other parts.
The goal of this experiment is to see which type of alcohol drink is the most dehydrating on a person’s body. The objectives will be to observe how much liquid has left the oranges. Another objective of this experiment will be to observe and calculate the differences in the weights before and after the alcohol has been staying in the orange. The calculations of this will tell which alcohol has been the most dehydrating because of the weight drop.
My hypothesis is that the orange with the rum in it will be the most dehydrated. I believe this because rum is 40% alcohol. Because it has this much alcohol in the drink, it will be the most dehydrated- it has the largest alcohol percentage out of the other drinks. The most dehydrated orange will also be the lightest in weight, caused by the dehydration in the orange and the releasing of liquids. The orange with the water, however, will be the least dehydrated. Water is the drink to quench your thirst, so it would not dehydrate the orange. Alcohol is a depressant, which means it is a substance that slows down the normal function of the nervous system (U.S. Drug...

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