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Alcohol Related Crimes, How Do We Tackle It?

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For a long time now the government have been looking at ways to tackle an increasing number of alcohol related crimes.The government have set up an action plan to tackle the problem; this involves the police, local authorities and representatives of the licence trade, magistrates and the public support joining forces.Initially my thoughts are why extend licensing hours when there is clearly an increase in alcohol related crime, surely this will only add to an already out of control crime level and encourage more binge drinking. It's like the old saying, you give an inch, and they take a mile. Offer longer opening hours then it will be abused, not by all but normally a small minority who end ...view middle of the document...

Alcohol-linked crime includes offences where alcohol acts as "Dutch courage", an excuse for aggressive behaviourYear Found Guilty Cautioned Total found guilty or cautioned Number found guilty or cautioned per 100,00 population1985 49,176 26,148 75,234 1831986 38,413 29,154 67,567 1631987 42,313 40,723 83,036 2001988 45,261 48,630 93,891 2261989 42,910 49,912 92,822 2231990 37,838 48,554 86,392 2071991 29,355 45,995 73,350 1801992 23,813 44,957 68,770 1641993 18,799 41,108 59,907 1421994 20,196 37,694 57,890 1371995 19,789 22,809 42,598 100Figure 1: Based on Home Office Report on Crime and Criminal Justice Unit 1997.In comparison, the latest figures from the British Crime Survey in 1999 show that:-Alcohol related Best Estimate Lowest Estimate Highest EstimateStranger assault 450,000 359,000 541,000Acquaintance assault 410,000 326,000 495,000Domestic assault 320,000 219,000 421,000Mugging 66,000 34,000 98,000All violence 1,246,000 1,080,000 1,412,000Figure 2: British Crime Survey 1999 - Estimated number of alcohol related IncidentsThese figures clearly show there are a huge number of offences relating to alcohol consumption and these figures are disturbing. The best approach would be to re-educate the public on the dangers of binge drinking and provide more help in fighting addictions and go back to basics when educating the public on not only health issues relating to binge drinking but also the risk of violence and crime.As touched on earlier, under age drinking has become a more popular pastime and youngsters are stealing alcohol from family and or local outlets to hang around park areas to drink it then leaving their empty bottles and in some cases smashed bottles creating a potentially hazardous environment for the children who wish to play at the parks.Public opinion states that this problem should be dealt with starting with parental education and tougher policing to manage those caught drinking in public or those caught drinking in pubs and clubs whilst under age.In the Youth Lifestyles survey carried out in 1989/99, it showed that 84% of 12 year olds had tried alcohol and evidence that it increased, as they got older. The survey also showed that 63% of 16 and 17 year olds had drunk during the survey period and that the majority had bought it themselves either in pubs and nightclubs.Most supermarkets and off-licenses have increased the age to buy alcohol to 21 years old and identification must be shown prior to purchasing.It is now getting that bad that violent attacks have been reported outside Off-licenses whereby shoppers have been brutally attacked for the alcohol that has just been purchased. It really does seem to be spiralling out of control, but can society get it back on track?Where I believe this system fails is a lack of precaution from pubs and clubs when checking identifications, there are still a large number of underage youths slipping through the net. Are we breeding a...

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