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There has been much debate over the years on what the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) should be. Many people have said that the m.l.d.a should be lowered to the age of 18. The primary reason they support lowering it is because 18 years olds are considered to be adults and have many privileges that come with that such as a being able to vote and smoke, but they can’t drink. The people who support the m.l.d.a be kept at 21use scientific studies to prove their points. I think that the m.l.d.a should be kept at 21 but there should be an exemption to enlisted military.
Some groups such as the Amethyst Initiative (AI), who are a group of college presidents, have called for a debate on the m.l.d.a (Teens at Risk). Some of the reasons they use for lowering it are that 18 year olds can be sued, married, join the military, and smoke but can’t drink. Another example they use is that in other countries such as Germany the drinking age is 18. Some people believe that with lowering the age to drink youth will be less likely to binge drink because “students match their drinking level to the perceived norm” of their environment.(Ackleh et al).A.I. Proponents believe that with lowering the age to drink students would be less likely to observe heavy levels of drinking, such as a at a private party on a campus, and therefore infer infer responsible drinking to be the norm(Ackleh et al).While the people who support lowering the m.l.d.a have some positive points their theories are very suspect. One of the points that they have right is that college students should binge drink less and practice moderation when drinking. The reason I call AI and other supporters of lowering the drinking age theories suspect, is because there little evidence on college campuses to support of oppose their thesis (Teens at Risk). While college students sometimes do take on the perceived norm of their environment not all students do drink. In fact college students tend to transition from one drinking style to another based on their personal views and the environment they are a part of. Some college students may binge drink on a daily basis while others may never have had a drink at all.
The mlda should be kept at 21 because alcohol affects the brain and body in many ways. Studies have shown that “human brain development continues into the third decade of life” (qt. Ralph Higson in lowering drinking).Studies has also shown that is that drinking leads to worse academic performance (Mental Health Weekly...

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