Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse Essay

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When someone is facing a problem with alcohol or uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages which can lead to health, personal relationships, and social standing is called Alcoholism. Every alcoholism addict has different causes that lead him or her to that situation. Similar to drug addiction, when it develops over a period of time it became a very serious problem. Alcohol abuse and addiction are very serious medical conditions must be treated by chemical dependency specialists. There are a lot of factors that may lead someone to alcohol problems for examples are genetic, emotional and social. Many times these factors overlap creating a strong urge in the person to turn to alcohol.
There are many cases in which addiction runs in a family this is called Genetic course, this plays a big role in the causes of alcoholism. It is up to each and every one to take responsibility for their actions and choice without any excuses. . Anyone who has problems with alcohol consciously made the choice to experiment with drinking. Yet many people, who come from an alcoholism family, do not become alcoholics themselves. As of today, science has no way of predicting which person will choose to abuse alcohol and which person will choose to handle their problems in a healthier way. If you come from a family with a history of alcoholism or addiction it is wise to be mindful of the choices you make regarding these issues.
There are some Emotional issues which can lead alcoholism such as physical or sexual abuse and mental issues. Victims who have suffered physical or sexual abuse will sometimes turn to drugs and alcohol as a way of numbing their internal pain. Some people with Mental issues may turn to alcohol to feel better but as they continue to drink the depressive nature of alcohol takes over than before they realized it will turn to alcoholism problem. It is not uncommon for a person who is bi-polar sometime take in addition to consuming alcohol to feel better or normal. People who suffer with low self-esteem may turn to alcohol as form courage, as they continue to drink they will often participate in activities and say things that they would not have if they were sober.
social and peer pressure are another factors that can cause alcoholism. Teens and youths of now a days do not know that drinking socially and gradually can develop an abusive relationship with alcohol, What may have once been just drinks with friends becomes drinking at every social function event. Peer pressure also leads to many peoples abuse of alcohol. In high school and college some young adults enjoy the attention they get when they drink. This is a slippery slope as it can lead them to develop dangerous drinking habits and a reliance on alcohol as a means of social interaction.
There are numerous effects of alcohol on one’s health, emotional and social. physically alcohol can damage somene, If someone drinks a...

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