Alcoholism: How Does It Affect The Drinker’s Health And Life?

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Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol on extreme. Alcohol has severe and dangerous effects on human body and damages almost every part of the body; from brain to liver, everything is affected by its consumption. But the effects are not only limited to human body; alcohol does not only affect the drinker’s personal health and body, but it also damages the family and social life of him as well as his economic prosperity. Alcohol affects every body part of a person, even his brain and the way he thinks and behaves. It damages everything. Also alcohol causes many fatal diseases and problems that can be physical and mental in nature and social problems such as violence and crimes.
Alcohol use causes cancer and Hepatitis which are really painful and fatal diseases. Cancer is the disease caused when certain cells start to divide abnormally and causes plenty of deaths all around the world. The cure for cancer is still not available in many countries. Cancer is one of the greatest killers of mankind. NIH, National Institutes of Health, states that this disease causes 23% of all deaths in U.S. ( Hepatitis C is another deadly diseases caused by alcohol, it is a disease of liver in which liver gets infected; Hepatitis C caused 15,000 deaths in 2007 which is great amount of deaths. (
Alcohol causes much more deaths than any other drug in the world, and so it is one of the greatest killers of mankind now days. 1994 CDC report by NIH states that cocaine and crack combined deaths accounted for 3,300 per year, heroine and morphine combined are accounted for 2,400 per year, while alcohol alone causes105, 000 deaths per year (Straight talks about drugs and alcohol). Statistics show how fatal is this addiction and how much drinker is risking his life and health. There were 8,664 alcohol related deaths in 2009, rising to 8,790 in 2010. It is accounted for 1.5% of all premature deaths in England. These statistics show how much Alcohol is affecting one’s health, and shortening his life. This is one of the problems that his family faces because of his addiction. (
Alcohol also causes liver diseases that are one of the great killers of mankind, their treatments are expensive and time taking. Liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. It functions in metabolism which is vital for human health. As liver is responsible for metabolizing everything including alcohol, it disturbs the liver function and makes it harder for Liver to function normally and efficiently. The connection between liver and alcohol has been discovered almost 200 years ago. As liver is one of the most important and vital organ of the body for life, even a slight damage to this organ cannot be tolerated. ( Liver diseases are responsible for most deaths of mankind by diseases; no other disease is accounted for as many deaths as liver diseases, specifically liver cirrhosis. National Digestive Diseases Information...

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