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Alcoholism Is An Addiction, Not A Disease

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Someone with 20 years of continuous sobriety is just as likely to relapse as someone with 20 days. To some programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, the ongoing battle of excessive drinking is defined as a battle with a disease. By defining alcoholism as a disease it takes away the self-blame that one should feel for fueling such an addiction. A disease is more of an uncontrollable condition that needs medical attention, whereas an addiction can be resolved with a little persistence and desire for life alterations. Defining alcoholism as a disease makes it appear as though no one is at fault for their actions, since when did people stop holding themselves accountable for their own actions and ...view middle of the document...

There are essentially two ways of approaching problem drinking, as a consequence of the availability of alcohol or as a failure of the individual’s willpower. It is common for those struggling with excessive drinking to seek advice from a psychologist or a support group in order to seek the encouragement they need in order to positively change their lives around. In other words they are merely seeking someone to be there for them through the process, not someone to diagnosis them and give them a treatment as if they were suffering from a disease. The first step for an alcoholic is for them to address that they have a problem as opposed to them waiting for someone to diagnosis them with excessive drinking. It is one thing to admit to an issue and it is a completely different thing to actually want to take the initiative to change what the issue may be. Those that truly have diseases seek medical attention in order to gain a confirmation as to what disease they have. Alcoholism is more of a psychological disorder, or addiction, and not a disease for the mere fact that they feel like they have to compulsively drink in order to survive. Unlike those that biologically have something wrong with them that can later on be defined as a specific disease. In turn, an addiction affects one’s psychological state as opposed to a disease that affects one’s biological well-being.

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