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Alcoholism Is Not A Disease, But An Addiction.

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There is a constant dispute amongst the medical and psychological community as to whether alcoholism is, in fact, a disease or just a state of mind. Many of the researchers have classified alcoholism as a disease (Peele 1). has defined "disease" broadly as an "involuntary choice made by the individual" (5 entries 1). This definition does not comply with alcoholics because they can, like any other human being, determine that drinking has many unwanted consequences behind it. But an alcoholic just simply doesn't care. They cause many of their own troubles by their behavior and the decisions they make. Why should they be looked upon as powerless victims of a falsely concluded disease (Peele 1)? Alcoholism should not be viewed as a disease, but as a habit brought about by the alcoholic's individual choices.Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, is a disease that is made up of the following four main symptoms that are common among the disease. They tend to have a craving, or the urge to drink (McKesson 1). The desire for satisfaction is not a sign of a disease, but a sign of humanity. Ill people don't tend to want to engage in enjoyment; they want to feel better. This is not the case with alcoholics; they tend to have "fun" being drunk and have no concern of getting better. A second symptom of alcoholism is having no strength of mind or will to stop the consumption of alcohol once it has started (McKesson 3). This perspective is totally ridiculous that any intelligent person would fall down laughing. How would anyone know if one is able to do something until he/she does it? The needless amount of drinking, even to the point of blacking out, doesn't show the inability to say no next time. Numerous amounts of people who came close to death while drinking unexpectedly stop drinking overall and regain their lives from their bad habit with in a blink of an eye. A third symptom of an alcoholic is their Physical dependence. After an alcoholic cuts off their consumption of alcohol they may start to vomit, sweat, or shake (Alcoholism 2). This "symptom" has absolutely nothing to do with any other kind of disease. Almost anyone is vulnerable to being reliant on a wide variety of substances. Many people see others get addicted to things like coke or weed and its never heard to call this addiction cokeism/weedism or even classify it as a disease. Therefore being addicted to something does not indicate that one has acquired a "disease". One of the last main symptoms of this so-called disease of an alcoholic is their tolerance. The tolerance of an alcoholic is the need to consume a larger quantity of alcohol than a non-alcoholic just to get "high" (McKesson 3). There has not been any other "diseases" recorded to have the same symptoms as alcoholism. Therefore this symptom also cannot conclude that alcoholism is a disease. The presences of "symptoms" do not provide any evidence of a pre-existing disease (Gans 1).Many of the diseases in the world...

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