Alert Regenerative Medicine Army (Arma) Essay

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    ARMA poses many advantages on the topic of regenerative medicine but like all technology it comes with its own positive and negative consequences. Although nanobots and stem cells make an amazing pair they can present harmful effects, but the benefits definitely outweigh the negative consequences. This technology can cause some harm and damage when it enters the body.
    When these nanobots immigrate into the complex structures, that is the human body, they are introduced to the most sensitive parts especially at the child’s birth, when the blood is fresh and can be easily be exposed to the most diminutive of infections. The blood is at risk for contamination leaving the ...view middle of the document...

The use of nanobot and stem cells is much more productive, since the patients would not need to stay in hospitals as long as they would have to if they had had a complete operation and this would save valuable medical resources for people who really need them. Medical resources would also be saved since they would be fewer people with operation scars, thus fewer people seeking scar treatment. Reducing the amount of medical resources and equipment needed to do the transplantation not only is more efficient and environmentally friendly, but it also makes the whole process a lot cheaper, and saves the patients money.
    Another major positive effect of the converging nanotechnology and stem cells to replace lost, dead, or damaged organs is that it eliminates the organ waiting list, since there is no one without organs anymore. The elimination of the organ waiting list saves many lives, that would otherwise have been unnecessarily lost.
    The use of stem cells’ other positive consequence is that it is hassle free, since there is no real surgery. The doctors would not be under restrictions of things like time, as they would be if the body was actually opened. Since there is no real surgery, there would be a much lower chance of infection or contamination.
    The final advantage of using nanobots to direct stem cells to reconstruct or repair organs is that it’s much less painful. This is obviously an advantage, since the patient would not have to endure as much physical pain, thus the recovery time would be much shorter. Another use of it being more...

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