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I, Alexander III, was born the son of a great warrior, King Phillip II of Macedonia and Olympias, daughter of King Neoptolemus I of Epirus. I was born on the 20th of July in 356 BC in Pella Greece. I spent most of my childhood in Pella’s royal court. During my time spent there I hardly ever saw my father because he spent most of his time in military campaigns or with one of his many women. On the other hand, mother, was always there for me, even when I did not ask for her presence.
From a young age mother and father wanted the best for me, even if at times I didn’t see it. Both my parents influenced me to become what I am today. To them my education was important. First, Leonidas tutored me; he was a very stern man. Of course, my attitude and behavior might have contributed to the way he treated me, non-the-less. I do have to admit that Leonidas helped develop my physical endurance; his harsh schooling was the foundation for my physical abilities. My father was not completely satisfied with Leonidas ways, so he saw to it that I would no longer be taught by force, but rather by persuasion. As a result, at the age of 13, in the year 342, Aristotle was assigned control over my education.
He was a master of science and my father thought he would be the best for me. Indeed, it was one of the best decisions my father made for me, being that he hardly showed interest in me. With Aristotle my passionate love of Greek culture came to be; he made me entirely Greek in intellect. Aristotle was an inspiration then and continues to be now as I write this, in the year 328, 18 years after first meeting him. Till this day I can say Aristotle was one of my closest companions, one that I admire greatly.
Being around him and other intelligent individuals and hearing stories about the victories that great military generals accomplished gave me the great military mind that I have now. I admire those stories of my father, he was in did a great military general, he developed a new way to fight and was well versed in the tactics of war. The memory of such stories is what motivates me continue my expansion into India. I want to be a King that inspires great stories like those.
My father King Phillip was a brilliant man and produced a brilliant son, myself. He was intelligent and courageous when it came to battle and was a hero among Macedonians. He was a hero to me as well as my King, but as my father he was the opposite. Like I’ve stated before he rarely spent any time with me because he was always fighting a battle, and if this had been the only reason for his absence I would have understood. However, when he did have free time he decided to spend it having affairs with obscene women. This I could not stand. Not only was he disrespecting my mother but he was ignoring me. As a young man I resented him for this and as a mature 29 year old I still do.
In order to get his attention and that of others I had to be extraordinary and indeed I was. When I was nine years old...

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