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This book was written by James Patterson the author of many good books and films. He has written the entire “Alex Cross” book novels and his one of the most revered in his time. he has even won awards such as the Edgar award for the Best First Novel written by an American Author and the Edgar award for the Best First Mystery.

This book is a Modern Criminal Fiction novel story that produces suspense, tragedy and mystery. It brings a gloomy kind of mood mixed with action and suspense.

This book is about a man named Alex Cross as it says in the title of the book. In this book you see the events of what happened to Mr. Cross thirteen years ago and how they are intertwined with his current day. Thirteen years ago Mr. Cross was an FBI member who had lost his wife due to a drive by shooting. His wife Maria Cross died in Alex’s arms and now, after thirteen years, the possible murder has come back to haunt Mr. Cross and when Alex catches wind of this he teams up with the DCPD to help catch this criminal and he will stop at nothing to catch this man who had been believed to be the murderer of his wife even if it means risking his own life to do so.

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The main antagonist is a man named Michael Sullivan he is a serial killer, a rapist, and a mob hit man. his nickname is “The Butcher” he acquired this name after chopping up his father and dumping him in a lake (although nobody knows that because nobody found the body). Michael is back in this story hired under a mob boss who in turn tricked him and tried to have Michael killed. Michael learned about this treachery and was going to get his revenge. (Michael is also suspected of the murder of Alex Cross’s wife, Maria Cross, but truth be told he wasn’t the actual murderer. His old buddy Jimmy “The Hats” Galati was the actual person who killed Alex Cross’s wife.)

Jimmy “The Hats” Galati was Michael “The Butcher” Sulivan’s right hand man back in the day. He was the one that always had Michael’s back. He was very dangerous though he was often really cocky as well. In this book “Alex Cross” we don’t see very much of Jimmy except in a flashback. The reader doesn’t find out till later that it was the mob boss that had tried to kill Michael, was the one responsible for Jimmy “disappearing”. By disappearing I mean the mob boss killed him. But even though he is dead he is a key point in the book due to the fact that he is the actual murderer of Alex’s wife Maria Cross. He is the leading factor for Alex’s joining the DCPD. Even though he is dead, After Alex and Michael have their quarrel and Michael dies, he learns that the murderer of his wife has been dead for awhile from Samson (who knew for awhile but didn’t tell Alex until the...

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