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“Sir Alex Ferguson”
Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson, a Scottish football manager who took control and managed one of the most successful team from the English League called Manchester United, also known as The Red Devils. He has the reign over Manchester United for 26 consecutive years from 1986-2013. The story behind the team’s success was none other than Sir Alex. Sir Alex Ferguson in his early life, before being a manager, he was a player for several Scottish clubs which includes, Dunfermline Athletic and Rangers. He used to be one of the top scorer in the Scottish league at his age. His football career as a player didn’t last very long, so soon enough he started his career as a manager, managing several teams like East Stirlingshire, St Mirren and Aberdeen. He was also appointed to lead Scotland as a manager to the 1986 World Cup. Through that time he developed several managerial skills, which helped him know how to collaborate with a big team like Manchester United and bring success.
This is relevant to Unit 1 from this course, where it all talks about Leadership theories and skills, as well as group development and Unit 3, where it talks about mentoring. As a player, coach, and manager, Alex Ferguson learned the importance of discipline and thinking long term. Ferguson believes that a leader must have to be honest. If you are not honest, you won’t be able to do the right thing. So, then he realized once a thing need to be, nothing can beat the honesty. Firing people is never easy, but do it right. He had maintained an authoritarian decision-making process. He always focused on team chemistry, he maintained a good relationship with players and staffs, and also among them to embrace the entire team together. His relationship building skills were so strongly built that most of the players never wanted a transfer, and stayed with the same team for years until they became veterans. He always taught the players to be calm under pressure and never let opponent push you back, always lean forward.
I have chosen Sir Alex Ferguson because he is like an iconic leader. By studying about him, I can...

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