Alex Gibney’s Client 9: The Rise And Fall Of Eliot Spitzer

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Criminal and deviant behavior is not always inherently part of an individuals nature, it is learned. It’s not inherited or a result of a biological condition. Rather, criminal and deviant behavior is learned in the same way all other behaviors are learned. According to Edwin H. Sutherland in his differential association theory, learning comes from interactions between individuals and groups. Individuals commit criminal or deviant acts due to repeated contacts and interactions with criminal activity and the possible lack of contact with noncriminal activity. This explains crime at the level of individual and society. Alex Gibney’s documentary Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer takes an in depth look at the once known New York Attorney General and Governor who prosecuted crimes by America’s largest financial institutions as well as some of the most powerful executives. However, it was later revealed he had been involved in a sex scandal. He was accused of seeing prostitutes and the known “Sheriff of Wall Street” fell quickly. The documentary explores the hidden profile of learning pride, arrogance, sex, and especially power. Spitzer’s acts of wrongdoing and dishonesty run counter to his career commitment to fighting corruption, however, the actions of Spitzer and the prostitutes parallel what they surround themselves with and learn in the context of their training.
Eliot Spitzer, son of a rich father determined to make him America's first Jewish president, Princeton grad, husband, father, made himself a regular patron of an escort service in his suit and tie that adjusted to its clients self-delusions. Spitzer was born in New York, graduated from Princeton University and attended law school at Harvard. He was an assistant district attorney in Manhattan. After, he was elected Attorney General of New York. Then he was elected governor of New York promising to focus on ethical government and the economy. However, after being caught in a sex scandal with a prostitute named “Kristen,” later identified as Ashley Dupre, who was at the center of the scandal along with the anonymous escort, he resigned. His resignation terminated the political climb that some had thought might end with a run for president. Nonetheless, the real question was why Spitzer had turned to make these choices.
On an individual level that explains crime, criminal behavior is learned. The behaviors of an individual are influenced and shaped by other individuals they associate with. Some examples include family, place of residency, peers, etc. It is believed that these interactions formulate the individuals basic understanding of societal norm and values. It is then assumed that if the individual is capable of learning what is acceptable in society, they are also capable of learning what is considered unacceptable. As far as Spitzer in the documentary, taking a position as Attorney General then as the Governor of New York and surrounding himself with...

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