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Alexander III, better known as Alexander the Great was a very confident young man and the son of Phillip II. He was born in Pella, the capital city of Macedonia in the year 356 BC. Although the life he led was quite brief, he accomplished numerous feats and was a military genius. His endeavors have earned him not only the respect of his army, and his people, but countless others throughout the centuries. The existence of Alexander the Great significantly impacted history and spread knowledge throughout the ancient civilizations as he conquered more and more territory. The Hellenistic people are a direct result of his influence. If not for his mother, Olympias, Alexander may have never become king. She was considered angry and spiteful, but to her son she was nothing but uplifting. Her constant ego boosts, telling Alexander he was descended from the Gods and so on, had him convinced that he was better than everyone. In fact historians regard him as narcissistic.
As a young boy Alexander was described as polite, intelligent, and brave. Aristotle tutored him at Temple of the Nymphs at Meiza until the age of sixteen. Aristotle’s text book was the Homeric poem “The Iliad,” which the young Macedonian had memorized. Everyone seemed to notice that Alexander was bound for greatness; indeed the ambassadors spurned his title by stating that he was “great” while the king was only “rich.” The would be conqueror did not see his father all that often as he spent most of his time on the battlefield but Alexander demonstrated his boldness and cunning to his father by showing that his feisty new horse was actually tame. He observed that the animal was simply afraid of its new surroundings and even more so of its own shadow. Impressed by his actions King Phillip gave his new gift (the horse) to Alexander which he name Bucephalus, meaning “ox head” and he used the beloved horse until its death and even named a territory he conquered after it. Actually, there is no shortage of territory that Alexander renamed to honor his own legend. Alexander wanted to be remembered, going as far as to name one territory after his dog.
Alexander eventually, at one point fled Macedonia with his mother. What was the cause? At the wedding banquet of his father and his new bride Cleopatra, Cleopatra’s uncle and Phillips general, Attalus, made the remark that Alexander was a “bastard heir” because he was not a pure blood Macedonian. Alexander –reportedly as alcoholic as his father— became outraged and threw his glass into the man’s face, angering his father and motivating him to draw his sword and charge his own son. Luckily, King Phillip tripped and fell before he could cause him harm. Alexander mocked him saying “Here is the man who was making ready to cross from Europe to Asia, and who cannot even cross from one table to another without losing his balance." He was not banned from Macedonia for the incident but fled...

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