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World History I Honors
6 April 2016
Alexander the Great
As soon as young Alexander mounted the vicious horse that nobody else was able to, it has been consistently noted throughout history that everything about him was great. It is reasonable to say that Alexander accomplished many things throughout his lifetime, but is it reasonable to question whether or not he was truly as great as everyone says he was? Was he just a reckless kid who managed to find himself countless amounts of luck? Alexander being great is not just a matter of what he managed to accomplish, it is also a matter of his goals, personality, and attitude in accomplishing these things. Alexander was bold, attentive, willful, and most importantly, fearless with everything that he accomplished, which is why I truly believe Alexander is the great man history accounts him to be.
At the age of 20, Alexander became king of Macedonia after his father’s death. Although young, Alexander was a great leader. As a young king, Alexander had his goals all planned out for him, he knew what he wanted to do and he knew how he was going to do it. Alexander wished to treat the Greeks as free allies, but he knew this would be hard as they were enemies. Alexander did not think him and his people were superior, unlike most major historical roles such as Aristotle, his teacher and advisor. Alexander wanted to mix cultures together, which is one of the reasons why he is probably so great, as this idea is rare. Alexander managed to conquer many places, but he did not plan on treating the conquered peoples as subjects. Another example of Alexander’s goal is to discover new things. On his voyage to the east, Alexander does not only bring his army, he brings scholars, zoologists, engineers, and many more. This is very untypical, but this shows the greatness of Alexander. His goal wasn’t just to defeat and conquer, his goal was to be ready for whatever comes his way, and he was prepared for almost anything.
If there is one thing to be sure of about Alexander the Great, is that he is definitely not one bit short of accomplishments. Right after crowned king, Alexander not only conquered the entire Persian Empire, but also along the way managed to become the god-king (pharaoh) of Egypt. If he does this all at the beginning of his kingship, what else does he do for the next 12 years? Alexander’s first actions as king say a lot about what a great leader he is to become. Listing all of Alexander’s conquests would be awesome, if those were his only...

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