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Alexander The Great...Not Soo Great? Essay

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All right, the movie was not that bad, it had its moments in which Alexander showed histrue character. Still, you can not help but remember that it is after all, a Hollywoodproduction. For instance, was the nudity scene required? After all, the message couldhave been send WITH a shirt on. Infact, with a shirt on, the message would have beensend even better, since everyone's attention would have been were it is supposed to be.Plus, I think it would have looked better if they had chosen a new actor that had yet to geta taste of the lime light. I think this because, that way Alexander would have beenpresented better, since, just like he, the actor would have been trying to show the worldwhat he is able to accomplish with no particular support. How about the fight scenes? They copied Brave Heart with Alexander runningaround telling them a similar speech about freedom. I was half expecting them to moonthe other army, just like in Braveheart. Plus, just like in any Hollywood movies, theymade the enemy look alike. As if it was just one man multiplied a million times.Furthermore, they left the ending of the movie to vague. Did he die of poisoning? Was itsuicide? or was it just his time? It seemed to me that they were trying to make it look likeit was more of a suicide. It also seems that his hair represented his youthfulness, when themovie started, he had short hair, as the movie went on, his hair got longer and longer,maybe I'm just over analyzing the movie, it could have just been fashion. The movie's cast included Robin Lane Fox, a Alexander the Great know-it-allwhich puts my in doubt. These highly trained people usually tend to stick with what theybelieve in, which then results in bias opinions. All right, lets dissect the movie and see if it falls the real historical information. In the movie, Alexander was 20 when he took control of his fathers throne, alight,I'll believe that. At the age of 25, 90% of the known world was captured by him, hhmmm, thefailed to mention this important fact in the movie. They keep on showing him with another man, someone that helps him take baths(so he can battle huge armies, but he needs help taking a bath?). I can not find any recordsof this man. Furthermore, from what I have read, Hephaestion was more than just a friendhe just hugged and held hands with. They were actual lovers and people used to criticizehim for having such an old lover. They did bother to show this important fact in themovie. What they did show was very old men helping Alexander become the leader of thelargest empire. Seriously, when Alexander gives his first war speech when they are aboutto fight the Persians, he points out a very aged man (with not teeth!) and says how he ishere because he chooses to be. I doubt the old man even knows where he is, and whentheir army starts running towards the other army, I felt...

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960 words - 4 pages . "General Norman Schwarzkopf." The Telegraph. (accessed May 12, 2014). "Alexander the Great – the greatest leader of all time?." Military History Monthly. (accessed May 12, 2014). Ansari, Ali. "Alexander the not so Great." BBC News.

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