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Alfred As The Master Of Suspense In The Climbing Frame Scene In The Film The Birds

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Alfred As The Master Of Suspense In The Climbing Frame Scene In The Film The Birds

'The Birds' is a film made in the 1960's based on the short story 'The
Birds' by Daphne Du Maurier. The film was directed by Alfred
Hitchcock, a British born director who is known for other tense,
suspense filled films such as 'Psycho' and 'Vertigo'. Due to the
extensive special effects of the film, it took three years to make.
During the film Hitchcock created several suspense filled, tense
scenes. Including the 'Climbing Frame' scene. Alfred Hitchcock tries
to live up to his title 'The Master Of Suspense' whilst creating
scenes like this and the following essay looks at if he achieved this.

The film is set in Bodega Bay - a small town by the sea. All the
residents of the town a fairly close together and know each other

The 'Climbing Frame; scene takes place during the middle of the film.
So far, the main characters have been introduced including Melanie
Daniels - the most central character in the film. Also, other
characters like Annie Hayworth - the school teacher Cathy Brenner - a
girl who attends the Bodega Bay School and also Mitch Brenner, Cathy's
older brother.

Previously in the film there have been several attacks on the
residents of Bodega Bay by birds. The people of the town repudiate the
fact that these birds are attacking everybody. Lydia Brenner (Mitch's
younger sister) discovers that her neighbour has been slaughtered by
these birds and is unwell after an encounter with the body of the
murdered farmer. Lydia asks Melanie to go a pick up Melanie from the
Bodega Bay School. Melanie kindly agrees, and without hesitation
departs for the school. This is where the 'Climbing Frame' scene.

The scene starts with Melanie driving up to the school in her light
blue open top car. The weather is sunny and it is quiet. From this
single camera shot we see Melanie in her car driving down the road
with the Bodega Bay School in the distance. Here, Hitchcock is trying
to give the impression that everything is normal. The sky is blue and
the roads are clear. Nothing indicating anything out of the ordinary
is shown.

Melanie arrives at the school, parks her car and gets out. We hear
young voices singing and innocent children's song. We can see, with
the camera behind Melanie, her car and the entrance of the Bodega Bay
School Melanie walks up the stairs and enters the school.

The sound in this early part of the scene is very direct -by the means
of everything is given to the audience. We ear the young children's
voices singing an innocent school song. Immediately, when we hear the
young children singing it gives the children naivety, by using the
song as a symbol of innocence.

As she opens the door of the school we find out it is the school
children who are singing this song....

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