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Alien Abduction Essay

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Imagine a quiet night with nothing but the sound of your friends’ laughter and the soft crackle of a campfire. All around you is darkness lit only by the moon and stars. Now imagine a bright light beaming down on you from above. The next thing you remember is waking up from a daze next to your friend, unable to explain what just happened. This is just one of many examples of what many people call alien abduction experiences. Despite the hundreds and thousands of people who have claimed similar abductions, scientists and skeptics still attempt to answer this mystery with more earthly explanations. Even though many people claim very similar alien abductions, researchers can reasonably explain this phenomenon.
There are nearly a million abduction stories, but only a few are considered legitimate. One of the first alien abduction stories to make it to the international news was the alleged abduction of Antionio Vilas Boas. The ...view middle of the document...

edu). After this experience, Betty went on to become one the nation’s first “UFO hunter” (Gallagher).
One famous abduction story involved not one, but four men who were camping in the woods. This 1976 case was very controversial. Like many “abduction survivors” in the mid-to-late 1900s, the survivors underwent hypnosis sessions and described similar creatures and spacecraft (Booth). According to several unverified reports, all four men passed lie detectors tests.
Like most alien abduction stories, these three experiences shared a lot of similarities. For instance, most cases report having long-lasting effects such as nightmares, trouble sleeping, and physical ailments (Mack). Most abductees also claim to have lost account of several hours of their lives (Mack). Many alleged survivors also claim to have bruises when they come back to consciousness. These symptoms, along with detailed descriptions of creatures, ships, and events, make many people believe in this extraterrestrial encounters.
Although there are many similar and convincing stories about alien abductions, scientiests and researchers believe they can explain every eerie aspect of these occurrences. One of the most widely accepted explanations is sleep paralysis. This disorder from which many people suffer can cause many unpleasant sensations, such as the feeling of being watched, not being able to move, and visual, autitory, and physical hallucinations (Cromie). Scientists further explain the similarities and shared experiences through false memories; when people’s minds imagine and believe things because it helps them explain to themselves the strange sensations. People can also have false memories because they’ve heard stories and “fill in the blanks” their sleep paralysis experiences (Cromie).
Alien abduction stories have been around and gaining popularity for decades. The experiences these abductees describe are usually very similar. Even though these first-hand accounts have created many believers, scientists still feel confident that they can explain these odd occurrences with science. Despite all the popularity of alien abduction stories, they are more than likely explainable through science.

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