Aligarh And Deoband Movements Essay

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Shah Waliullah’s renaissance movement was aimed at political, social, economical and spiritual regeneration of Muslim society. However, to bring these reforms, he had to alter the approach and intellectual life of Muslim. Because after the departure of Aurangzeb, Indian Muslims were adversely affected they lost the glory of their rule.

Need of intellectual reorientation of Muslims.
Muslims were indulged into immoral, Hindu practices. They had become ignorant of Islamic teachings. Furthermore, there arisen so many differences between Sunnis and Shias. And that were depending.
In addition, Muslims were economically repressed; they were deprived of social and economical privileges. The whole situation was created by major reason of ignorance of Islamic code of life and their weak intellectual approach. To counter that situation, ShahWaliullah had undertaken following remedial steps.

Social Reforms
It was the need of the time to reinvent the Muslim approach to society. Shah Waliullah urged the Muslim to lead their life according to Islamic injunctions. He reconciled the differences between Sunni and Shia and wrote the “Izalat-ul-Khifa and Khilafat – it – Khulfa”. Besides that, he translated the Quran into Persian language so that Muslim can understand the meaning of the holy Quran.
During that time, Sunni were also divided in themselves. And to resolve their disputes, he wrote another book.
“Al –Insaf fi Bayan Sahib Ul Ikhtilaf”. In brief, he brought social harmony among Muslims.

Economical Reforms
Muslims were economically backward. They were living a miserable life because of unequal distribution of wealth. Shah Waliullah changed their mentality by urging them to cease the exploitation of Poor Muslims. He asked the rich to be fair with the poor. They were urged to work hard. He brought balanced economic system which benefits the all Indian Muslims.

Political Reforms
Marathas and fats made the life of Muslims miserable at that time. They were causing panic for Muslims. So Shah Waliullah called the Ahmed Shah Abdali from Afghanistan to support against Marathas and fats. Ultimately, this resulted in battle of panipat that brought justice for Indian Muslims.

Critical Analysis of renaissance movement of Shah
Shah Waliullah sows the seeds of Pakistan Movement, because he strengthened the Muslim unity by conciliating their conflicts. He realized that Muslims can be raised to their true status only by changing their intellectual life. So in this regard,. He stressed the importance of ijtehad (the progressive interpretation of religion).
He prescribed Muslim to perform ijtehad for new problems which were faced Muslims.
Furthermore, his efforts proved successful and Muslims realized them as separate identity. That separate identity paved the way to Muslim to demand separate electorate and ultimately a separate homeland at later stage.
In sum, Shah Waliullah contributed in changing intellectual life with his...

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