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Alimony And Prenuptial Agreement Essay

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Even though we have laws that help people get back on their feet, we need to change our laws so we eliminate lifetime alimony or a reduction of time for the financial help of ex-spouses. Without guidelines it authorizes lifetime dependence and also treats women as if they are the weaker sex. Spousal support is often the largest financial obligation that incurs as part of a divorce. Not even bankruptcy will help you avoid spousal support.
When it comes to marriage a lot of people don’t understand that is like a type of business. When people separate it comes with assets taken away. So why should we be obligated to pay a formal spouse since that was the reason of separation? More than likely when someone gets divorce is because they want to be that person no more, they want to get away. Each spouse want to start a new chapter in their life but having laws like alimony it makes it impossible. If alimony is to help a spouse after separation how much help does a person needs if the spouse is paying for lifetime.
Alimony sometimes called spousal support it’s “a payment to or for a spouse or former spouse under a separation or divorce agreement.” (68) It aids them finding a home and a little jump start so they could start supporting themselves. The law was based more for helping woman since most of them were in the work force and most women stayed at home. Alimony or spousal support started in 1970 as part of the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act. Under the same time the law changed and incorporated divorces as no-fault. It eliminated the tradition ways of thinking about marriage because any one could get divorce without a reason. Under the no-fault divorce your partner could cheat and then split the values of both parties and then collect alimony as a reward. Do you think that is actually reasonable? How can the government over see this law as it made a lop whole for people to take advantage of the situation.
Not all payments after a divorce are consider alimony which are property settlement payment, retirement income, any voluntary payment made before the divorce or Child support payments. They are separated after a court hearing. As you see a divorce is not an easy task. That why people spends thousands of dollars on a lawyer trying to come up with an agreement. It’s not an easy task going through all this trouble so some people decide just to live together without getting married, even then people don’t understand the law. In some states living with a person creates a common-law marriage. Which means if you ever to separate you could end up in court, just like getting a divorce.
Alimony payments could be reduce or stopped by going to court filling paperwork, even if we are obligated to pay lifetime alimony. You are entitle to stop alimony payment after you retired at age sixty five. You could reduce your payment if you get terminated from your job or when your income got reduced. Another way to reduce your alimony payment is prove your...

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