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Alive The Story About The Andes Survivors

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On October 12, 1972, a plane with an amateur rugby team flew from Montevideo Uruguay on their way to Santiago Chile. It disappeared during its route, and after eight days the search for the plane was ended. There was hardly any chance that the plane would ever be found again, and there was even less chance that any of the forty-five passengers survived the crash. Ten weeks later, a man from Chile was taking care of his cattle in a valley in the Andes when he saw on the far side of a mountain two figures of two men. They where doing strange movements and they fell to their knees showing that they where in need for help. The man thought that they where terrorists so he just left. When he came back to the same spot the next day the two men were still there and they where doing the same strange movements telling the man that they wanted him to go to them. The man went to the bank of the river and threw a piece of paper and a pen wrapped in a handkerchief to the other side. The man who received it wrote on the paper and threw it back to the peasant. The paper said: " I come from a plane that fell in the mountains. I am Uruguayan"¦" Out of the forty-five people that where traveling on this plane, at the end only 16 survived. People died of hunger and even from freezing to death. Soon people started eating each other. When someone died, they ate him or her. They had no other choice. It was either cannibalism or dying. ...

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