All A Load Of Rubbish? Essay

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Human development has produced a metropolis monster across the globe, which every single day is coughing and spurting roughly 95 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions into our disintegrating atmosphere. The main response to this is; ‘So what?’

This injurious substance is known as a greenhouse gas, which creates detrimental effects towards our environment. Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases have been emitted for many years through multiple, malicious actions by man, including the burning of fossil fuels for manufacturing, and dumping of our rubbish at landfill sites. These gases become trapped within our atmosphere, and consequently create our increasingly warmer change of the ...view middle of the document...

Statistics claim that if we all became more involved in re-using our materials, our society could become 20%- yes, 20% less reliant on our raw materials by 2020! In addition to this, by preserving our raw materials, we are also conserving our energy use, as roughly 70% less energy is required to recycle paper, instead of manufacturing it from trees. Both these statistics are staggering, and these are only two benefits out of many produced from recycling. take into consideration that over 40% of waste of an average household is able to decompose,

When considering food products, The UK by itself discards of more than 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year, of which most of it would be classed safe for consumption. If we then imagine how much is wasted on a global scale, horrific thoughts come to mind. In Scotland alone, Not only is this creating more waste to deal with, but also we can reflect and empathise on the fact that the less developed countries struggle to produce a meal every night for their children. How can our sense of morality and decent conduct allow us to possibly just sit and allow such wastefulness to occur? By simply recycling our food instead of just chucking it away to no use at all, we can convert our mouldy cabbages and into electrical energy!

When searching for the reasons why people are against the issue, the main argument was the fact that many people lack time to sort out their plastics from their cardboards, and throwing it all into one bin is of much higher convenience in the busy twenty first century lifestyle. However, I feel (and i am sure many people would agree) that this attitude is a poor excuse of laziness from...

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