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A citation or bibliographic is a reference to any book, article, web page, or other published item, with sufficient detail to allow a reader to locate its source used in writing such woks which are alphabetically arranged with essential general information which can be traceable.
Citation reveals the quality of works that support ones writing which enables a reader to gives a better evaluation to ones argument. thesis statement
A lot of authoritative body had created rules and conventions for documenting sources of information used in write up of any kind. This citation style helps to identifies and credits the sources been used in writing such a work and allow the reader to further verify and access the cited work. To maintain the honesty in academic pursuit it is important to cite the works of others, otherwise knowingly representing the work of others as one’s own is treated as demanding the work as ones own, and such type of misrepresentation also degrades the quality of the paper concern:

APA: Developed for use in the sciences to assists reading comprehension and create a standard format for research papers.
ASA: This specifically geared to sociological papers for publication in the American Sociological Association journals.
CMSO: This style deals in all aspects of editorial from America English grammar usage for document preparation.
Harvard citation Style: Is a recommendation of British Standard Institution is mainly use for Social Science bibliographies.
Some Important Citation Styles

Different organizations or institutions developed their own citation styles to fit their individual needs. In general, all citation styles can be in two broad categories i.e. the Humanities and the Sciences. Some important citation styles from both the categories listed below.
American – Psychological-Association (APA) Citation Style
This is for psychology, education, and social science bibliographies. APA style specifies the names and order of headings, formatting, and organization of citations and references, and the arrangement of tables, figures, footnotes, and appendices, as well as other manuscript and documentation features. It uses parenthetical citation within the text, listing the author’s surname and the year of publication of the work, which is more or less same as that of (MLA) style’s parenthetical citations. It lists sources at the end of the paper, on a References Page. Listing electronic sources of information is detailed in (APA) style than in (MLA) style. APA style uses Harvard referencing, also known as the author-date system of citations and parenthetical referencing, keyed to a subsequent list of References.
American-Sociological-Association (ASA) style

American-Sociological-Association (ASA) style: The American Sociological Association Citation Style is use in sociological publications.
Chicago-Manual of...

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