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England's populations' great majority of the people, after 1945 blacks and Asians immigrated into the country. Since the 19th century once a nation of small rural villages has become urban. The population of England in 1996 was 49,089,000 the population density overall is about 376 people per square Km. one of the highest in the world was about 975 per square mi.The land and principle has features of England as well as the island of Great Britain. The capital of England is London with the population of seven million in 1996. There are a lot of natural harbors. The northern and western portions of England are generally mountainous in the north there is the Pen nine Chain, and in the west there is the Dart moor. The climate of England has a moderate climate rarely marked by extremes of hot or cold the temperature ranges from eleven degrees Celsius in the south and nine degrees Celsius in the northeast. England also has agricultural and mineral resources and relies on imports of both. Two-fifths of the land is arable with soils found in the east. The area of England is 129,720 sq. km, with a parliamentary Democracy government the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, and Tony Blair is the prime minister; there were many places of history.One of the historic places of England in North Kent was Chatham, which was a Dockyard along the river and was once Britain's most important naval base and is now an award winning working museum to the skills of wartime England. Knole was a house south of Seven oaks Kent this was one of the most famous and largest houses in England. It is dated from 1436 and associated with Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and her cousin Thomas Sackville. The home of Sir Winston Churchill, part of this house is a museum. There are paintings of Churchill in here most of the house he used for his political work.The Anglo Saxon England of 542-1066 during this time there were many events. In this period of time invaders were warlike and fought amongst themselves until the Vikings began to raid. The Anglo Saxons while the highland celts absorbed the lowland Celts. Kingship and Lordship were the two most important aspects of Anglo Saxon society, everyone owed allegiance to someone. Their lords would provide them with grain and quest stock in return for their service. The Anglo-Saxons raised temples that were purified and consecrated during the conversation process. The Anglo Saxons were craftsmen as well as artisans.England was pre-historic in 400 B.C- 43 A.D, this time in history is like a jigsaw puzzle; because the pieces are sometimes there and then other times they are missing. The people who first arrived in England were hunter-gatherers who came from Europe around 8,000 B.C. In 4,000 B.C farmers came from Europe and this was the first phase in environment disasters. The population of England rocketed to about one million in 400 B.C. There are a lot of pre-historic places and art. Archeologists have uncovered exciting new evidence of a...

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