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All About Grandma Essay

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As the sun shined through the open windows one Tuesday morning, the warm rays of light danced across the small country home kitchen and dining room, where a grandmother and her young granddaughter had been sitting down for a while sharing laughs and speaking of old memories and the good old days of the grandmother’s past, all the while creating a wonderful memory together. After a long deliberation, I had finally decided to interview my grandma Owens, and ask about her life. However, because this would be the first time that I had ever sat down with grandma and asked her about her past, I was nervous and not sure if she would open up to me due to the fact that grandma is a very private ...view middle of the document...

Although one Christmas when she was twelve, grandma received at gift from her dad, which was very strange because he never gave any of his kids anything, especially not a pearl bracelet that he had given grandma that year. To this day she will always remember that particular Christmas. Their money troubles also forced them to move several times, to many different houses.
The first house that grandma fondly remembers was a big house in Clifton Hills, the town where she had been born. The massive front door opened to a large living room, with a small corridor leading to a decent sized kitchen with an old wood stove. Past the kitchen, grandma recalled two bedrooms across from each other. The wall across from the door was lined with all of the kid’s beds, but still had enough room for the kids to be able to all lay straight on the floor at the same time and still remain within the room. There was also a large yard and a sandbox in the back, with an old rusty water pump that grandma and her siblings would gather water from and heat on the stove to use for washing dirty dishes. However, some dishes never made it to the water and mysteriously went missing. According to grandma, whenever her mom would leave the house, all of the kids would try to make fudge and eat it all before their mom came back. If they ended up burning the fudge, she and her younger brother were in charge of burring the pan in the backyard. Even within the last week of her life, grandma exclaimed that her mother still did not know what had happed to all those pans. But that was not the only thing grandma and her siblings buried in that yard.
Beginning at this particular house, there was never a time in her childhood when grandma and her family did not have any cats or dogs. In fact, at the big house in Clifton Hills grandma had sixteen outdoor cats. But her most memorable pet was her first dog named Buck. Although he was very protective of the children and always played with them, Buck was put down one day because he had bit the mailman. Even though she was sad, grandma insisted they burry him underneath a tree in the backyard. Ever since then, grandma and her siblings would bury all of their pets that died underneath a specially selected tree. The only pets they did not bury when it came their time were their many chickens. Those they ate, especially on Sundays.
Throughout her life, Sundays have always been a very special day for grandma because of her mom’s tradition. Every Sunday, grandma’s mom would cook all afternoon after church and fixed a massive Sunday dinner feast with potatoes, corn, green beans and grandma’s absolute favorite—fried chicken. Because grandma’s mom was very well known for her exceptional cooking skills, all of their relatives would come for a free meal, as well as chat and catch up on the weekly news. Although, many of them would simply eat and leave, a few stayed for...

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