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Small pox, which was once the most feared disease known by mankind started out in the days of Christopher Columbus. The disease set out to change the lives of the people in the worse way. It became known as an epidemic disease that ended up killinghundreds of people. Small pox started out in Hispaniola and because of no cure, ittraveled to the island of Puerto Rico, and then Cuba. It was only a matter of time until itspread to the mainland, somewhere in America. In the Middle Ages, small pox was ahighly contagious disease which often lead to death if not treated. In this term paper youwill read and learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of this horrible disease.Small pox which was often refereed to as a life threatening disease, is caused by avirus, which was not discovered until the nineteenth century. Most of the victims whomacquired small pox, was a result of face to face contact. It is passed through the nosewhere tiny particles are released when the infected person sneezes, also by the mouthwhere particles are once again ejected when the victim coughs. The disease can betransmitted by dried small pox scabs and through materials the infected person has comein contact with. The virus is reproduced in the lymphoid tissue and released into thebody. Virus reproduction begins when the virion comes into contact with a suitable hostcell. The virus must interact with a receptor on the cell surface. The infectious cycleusually consists of two stages. The first stage makes the proteins necessary for theprotein to form. The second stage forms the adult virion to start the attack on the body.Smallpox attack with no warning.There are several painful symptoms that are brought upon by this disease. In most of the cases, symptoms in a new victim will occur ten to twelve days later. Patients willdevelop chills, high fever, and nausousness. The fevers may reach up to 105 degreesfarenht. In three or four days later a rash erupts and the fever and discomfort maysubside. It begins on the face, then spreading to the chest, arms, back and finally thelegs. It consists of hard red lumps which become pimple like, swelling and containingpuss. "The pustules gave the disease its name, by which it was first known in the west asVariola" (Giblin 59). This rash itches severely but scratching must be avoided in order toprevent another infection from forming. "Up to forty percent of the patients died, in therest, scabs eventually formed and then fell off, leaving permanent pits and scars in theskin" ( Lawrence 365). Some of the patients were also left blinded. The victims whowere faced with this dreadful disease, suffered terribly. In some cases if sever enoughthe patient would lose the battle with smallpox and die. Sometimes the rash would neverheal completely and cause an acne type look on the persons body. There is nomedication to clear up the acne it is perminit, sometimes worse than others.In 1796, Edward Jenner, a British physician, developed the first vaccine...

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1364 words - 5 pages the time, about ten to fifteen million cases of the disease occurred each year, with more than two million deaths (Encarta). They formed vaccinating teams that traveled from village to village and searched from home to home for smallpox cases. Since they could not vaccinate the entire world, they looked for individual cases and vaccinated everyone that had recently been in contact with each infected person (Encarta). By mid-1975 all India was

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2375 words - 10 pages immune to smallpox. This was the first form of the smallpox vaccine. Jenner was greatly criticized for his unorthodox experiment, but because it was such a success, many individuals were willing to overlook that fact and by the early 1800’s, about 100,000 people had been vaccinated world-wide.(Fenner 1988) History and Eradication of Smallpox 4 However, the “modern” vaccine or the vaccine that was licensed by the FDA and was used during the WHO

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1911 words - 8 pages him, vaccination changed the world. In the 19th century, people realized that the protection didn’t last forever. It only lasted about five years, so people needed to get the vaccine again. The number of people who died from smallpox went down a lot because of the vaccine. By the 1950s, many parts of Europe and America did not have smallpox at all anymore, but it wasn’t gone everywhere. In 1958, the World Health Assembly got a report that smallpox

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983 words - 4 pages Smallpox, a very deadly and contagious disease, threatened a majority of populations all around the world. This disease has been around for hundreds of thousands of even in the B.C.s. Smallpox was feared by the places it threatened. These people wanted and needed some way to protect themselves from the virus that scared them. Smallpox has had a huge impact on several civilizations until treatments like inoculation and vaccinations were

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1281 words - 5 pages and 90% in America. During the 20th Century, there was recognized for the first time a milder form of smallpox called variola minor or alas trim. It had a consistently low mortality rate of the order of 1%. This disease was endemic in Britain until 1935. Still more recently there has been recognized a third form, named East African Smallpox, the mortality rate of which in unvaccinated subjects is about 5%. This has not been recognized as having

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1640 words - 7 pages unfortunate because Variola Major has a much higher fatality rate compared to Variola minor because of its extreme forms (Flat and Hemorrhagic) with much more extreme and repulsive symptoms. Major has a 30% fatality rate, whereas the fatality rate for minor is less than 1% (The Clinical Course of Smallpox, 2003). Smallpox is a very acrid and virulent disease for all the symptoms it brings about, even in the less severe minor form. The symptoms

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1544 words - 6 pages Among biological weapons, smallpox is by far the bad boy of them all. “When the Hernando Cortez arrived in America infecting the Aztec Indian communities in 1520 AD, 35 million Aztecs died during the following two year. In the United States in 1763, Colonel Henry Bouchet gave smallpox-infected blankets to the Native Americans during Pontiac’s Rebellion, killing thousands; Sir Jeffrey Amherst, Commander of the British forces in North America

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812 words - 3 pages highly contagious as well as infectious it has no specific treatment and the only prevention is vaccination. Smallpox was really around during the 17-1800's. The skin rash that develops on the face, chest, back, and limbs characterizes the disease. After about a week the rash resembles pustular pimples (pus-filled) that resembles boils. (Christopher King 97-04)There are 3 main ways of getting smallpox:1) Prolonged face to face contact with some

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1391 words - 6 pages There has been much publicity about the threat of bioterrorist attacks in the United States. Usually, the agent cited as the most likely to be used is the smallpox virus. The federal government has recommended that only certain public health and health care workers be vaccinated. If a major outbreak of smallpox were to occur however, the country would need to rely on more than just public health and health care workers.Instead, members of all

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2318 words - 9 pages only human beings (Bourzac, 13). It has been recorded throughout history as having caused epidemics from China to Europe to the New World. A 3 detailed account by the great Greek historian Thucydides tells of how one outbreak killed a full one-third of the population of Athens (Tucker 7). In accordance, smallpox deities from Europe, China, India, and Egypt have all been worshipped in order to be protected from the virus (Tucker 13). Because

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1403 words - 6 pages or all of their immunity to it." (Preston, 2002) Henderson knew the potential threats as well as the economic and social impacts of smallpox and chose to eradicate rather than use it as a weapon. In the book Henderson says, “What we need to do is create a climate where smallpox is considered too morally reprehensible to be used as a weapon. It would make the possession of smallpox in a laboratory a crime against humanity.” (Preston, 2002

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1314 words - 5 pages smallpox, it was a very serious issue that everyone knew about and paid much attention to. After all, it was not known as "one of humankind's greatest scourges since time immemorial"(The Triumph over) for no reason at all."The term small pockes (pocke meaning sac) was first used in England at the end of the 15th century to distinguish the illness from syphilis, which was then known as great pockes."(Facts And Figures) Smallpox has much history

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735 words - 3 pages Pandemics and epidemics are diseases that affect many people all over the world. They cause millions of deaths and leave many people sick. Most epidemics are contagious and spread very quickly. One kind of epidemic is the variola virus. Variola virus is most known by the name smallpox. it got it’s nickname from the small blisters that appear on the face and arms. Smallpox is believed to have originated in Egypt or Northeastern Africa about

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1143 words - 5 pages fatal. The vaccine is also the only known way to fight the smallpox, and until an antiviral agent is found, it will be humanity’s only defense against this deadly and devastating disease. The pathogenic virus Variola causes the well-known and often deadly virus smallpox. Smallpox has been eradicated for about 25 years, mostly on the part of a successful vaccine. As mentioned earlier, Variola is a virus. There are three forms of the virus that are