All About The Arts Of Usa

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Grade 8: Module 2A: Unit 1: Lesson 11

Grade 8: Module 2A: Unit 1: Lesson 11
Close Reading:
Focusing on Taking a Stand (Chapter 2 cont.)

Close Reading:Focusing on Taking a Stand (Chapter 2 cont.)
Long-Term Targets Addressed (Based on NYSP12 ELA CCLS)

I can cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text. (RL.8.1)
I can use a variety of strategies to determine the meaning of unknown words or phrases. (L.8.4)

Supporting Learning Targets

Ongoing Assessment

I can deepen my understanding of key words in To Kill a Mockingbird by using a vocabulary square.
I can identify the strongest evidence in Chapter 2 that shows why characters take a stand.

Structured notes for Chapter 2 (from Lesson 9 homework)
Summary Writing handout (from Lesson 10 homework)
Vocabulary square
Answers to text-dependent questions
Exit ticket

Close Reading:Focusing on Taking a Stand (Chapter 2 cont.)

Teaching Notes

1. Opening
Engaging the Reader: Guided Practice with Vocabulary Square (10 minutes)
2. Work Time
Review Learning Targets and Rereading: Scout Taking a Stand for Walter (25 minutes)
Identifying Theme: Taking a Stand Anchor Chart (5 minutes)
3. Closing and Assessment
Exit Ticket and Preview Homework (5 minutes)
4. Homework
Complete a first read of Chapter 3. Take notes using the Structured Notes graphic organizer.

Students continue to work with Chapter 2 in this lesson. This is done intentionally to allow more time for students to get into the novel as well as to establish the reading and writing routines they will use throughout Units 1 and 2. Thus, they have done both structured notes and summary writing for Chapter 2 in advance of this lesson.
Throughout students' study of To Kill a Mockingbird, they begin each lesson with a vocabulary entry task based on the vocabulary from the structured notes homework.
This lesson introduces one of several vocabulary activities students will work on throughout the unit to apply and review the academic vocabulary from the novel. Students learn the root word "sent."
For more information on roots or etymology, visit or the Online Etymology Dictionary.
Students reread a key scene in which Scout takes a stand. They answer text-dependent questions and then are introduced to the Taking a Stand anchor chart, which will be used throughout Units 1 and 2 to help students analyze this central theme of the novel.
From this lesson on, select the Discussion Appointment, making sure to vary it so that students have the opportunity to meet with a variety of their classmates.
In advance: Preview the Close Reading Guide (for Teacher Reference), which gives guidance on how to facilitate Work Time Part A.
Decide which Discussion Appointment to use today.
Post: Learning targets.

Close Reading:Focusing on Taking a Stand (Chapter 2 cont.)
Lesson Vocabulary


vocabulary square,...

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