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Quick Facts About Zero

Zero is created to be used in many ways, and one of these ways is a placeholder for an empty spot. This can be seen in the number 405 as it has no number in the tens place but there is still a zero there to hold the place; otherwise it would be 45 and that is clearly not the same as 405.

On a date translated to be 876, a tablet was written on that was about the town Gwalior where they planted a garden 187 by 270 hastas that produced enough flowers to create 50 garlands a day. In both the numbers 270 and 50 the zero is made very close to how they are made today.

A mathematician named Brahmagupta attempted to create arithmetic rules involving zero and negative ...view middle of the document...

Dividing by (x-y), obtain
x + y = y.
Since x = y, we see that
2 y = y.
Thus 2 = 1, since we started with y nonzero.
Subtracting 1 from both sides,
1 = 0.
See the Problem? If not you can see that we divided by (x-y) which you can see that since x=y that (x-y) equals 0 which can’t happen.

The Problems With Zero to the Zero Power

Zero as you have seen is a very problematic number, and another problem with zero is when you try to raise it to the zero power. Someone may say that it is equal to one because anything raised to the zero power is one, but they didn’t remember that zero raised to any power is zero. So what happens?

People have tried to prove it one way or another by saying things like “It must be one because = = = = .
and if you plug in Zero for X you can see that x=1.”(“What Does Zero to the Zeroth power equal?”) Such person is wrong, as they divided by zero in the last step of the equation.

So what is the answer to Zero raised to the Zeroth power? Well a mathematician will tell you that Zero to the Zeroth Power doesn’t have a value.

Extended History Of Zero
A long time ago there was no zero in math....

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