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All Dreams Represent Wishes. Their Motive Is A With And They Represent The Satisfaction Of It

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Dreams are the transformation of thoughts into a hallucinatory experience (Lec1The Interpretation of dreams: Sigmund Freud Penguin editionp250). Through the study of dream analysis, we will attempt to dissect dreams down to their very foundation, with the aim of having a better understanding of the unconscious human mind, its desires and its motivations.Sigmund Freud was not the first person, to have a deep fascination with dreams. Dreams, themselves, have captivated people for centuries, stemming back to pre biblical times, with two main methods of interpretation. (The Interpretation of dreams: Sigmund Freud Penguin edition Ch11 P169-173).1) Scientific Theories, which reflect on the subject of the dream as a complete entity, and seeks to substitute it with another subject which is more comprehensible, and is in some way comparable with the initial one, this is also known as symbolic interpretation, which's flaw is that, its philosophy certainly falls apart when confronted with dreams which are not just indecipherable, but also confused.And2) Lay opinion (or the decoding method) is of the view that in spite of how bizarre and incoherent a dream may seem, every dream carries with it, its own implications, which can be deciphered like a code, under which every symbol has a known meaning. The circumstances of the reader are also taken into account under this method. For example a rich man and a poor man, who have the same dream, will embroil different explanations. However, this theory falters under the realization that all interpretation depends solely on the reliability of the original dream book. (The Interpretation of dreams: Sigmund Freud Penguin edition Ch11 P169-173).In explanation of Freud's own justification of his motivation for entering into the detailed science, which is now dream analysis, he said, "The interpretation of dreams, is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind." (Standard edition Handling of Dream interpretation).Freud himself employed the idea that all dreams realize the desires that we may have on a conscious or unconscious level. In accordance, there are two categories of dreams, those which realize our wishes openly, and which may be evident in our waking life, and those that appear unrecognizable and are disguised. (The Interpretation of dreams: Sigmund Freud Penguin edition chapter1section C P702) In sleep the censorship device which each of us employ in our waking lives, that serves to repress our innermost desires, are inactive- thus allowing our repressed wishes to surface, in the form of dreams. Lacan argued that Freud in fact revealed a preconscious rather than an unconscious wish. (Lacan Seminar 2 p150-152)Freud believed, that dreams should be examined under their relevant groupings, in order to construct a more defined science. These headings can be understood to be:Infantile Dreams - The dreams of children. These involve the open fulfillment of a permitted wish. Freud...

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