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All Dyed Out. Essay

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Walking through the halls at school, I've seen many people with very eccentric colored hair. From black to electric green and streaks to spots, I have seen just about all of there is to see. Being in Europe, one of the most fashion forward and of latest trends capitol of the world, next to China, I witnessed some of the most outrageous hair dying jobs. This soon gave me reason to wonder. Is all of that dye actually good for your hair? So, this year for science fair, I decided to break this question down a bit and be more precise and exact. The problem I propose is, which brand of hair coloring is the least damaging to the human hair? I believe that after several times of use each kit will all be equally damaging. To perform this experiment I would need several materials, including a number of coloring kits, protective gear, and the following research.People both young and old have been fascinated with the idea of hair coloring. Some do it as a way of self-expression and the others to hide the proof of their "coming of age". Statistics show that two out of every four American women and a much smaller number of men dye their hair. Unfortunately, some recent studies have linked hair coloring with an increased risk of contracting certain cancers. The FDA reports that consumers are often on their own, consequently, when deciding whether hair dyes are safe or not. For further disdain, the FDA could not remove hair dyes from the shelves because of an act passed in 1938, which exempted hair color products primarily made from coal tar. This act was prompted after an upraising in allergic reactions in some susceptible individuals. Most hair dyes in use today derive their ingredients from petroleum sourced, but have been considered coal tar dyes by FDA because they contain some of the same compounds found in these older dyes. In 1978, FDA proposed to require a warning on the labels of hair dyes containing the compounds 4 methoxy-m-phenylenediamine ( 4 MMPD ) or 4 methoxy-m-phenylenediamine sulfate ( 4 MMPD sulfate ) , 2 coal tar ingredients. After they adopted the requirements of a warning about 4 MMPD and 4 MMPD sulfate, manufacturers stopped using the specified chemicals in their products, although some cancer causing compounds have been replaced by similarly structured chemicals. The agency continues to monitor the situation and reviews their studies.According to Baily, a specialist in the area, "You may reduce the risk of cancer by exposing yourself to less hair dye - you probably shouldn't change your hair color every week". He continues to say that people can also reduce the risk by delaying to dye their hair until later in life when it starts to turn gray. People who dye their hair should follow these safety precautions: don't leave dye on your head longer than necessary, rinse your scalp thoroughly, wear gloves when applying, carefully follow the directions, never mix different products, and never dye eyebrows or eyelashes because this may cause...

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