All For One And One For All

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Why are men and women still treated unequally? Why was sexism such a great problem in the past and continues to be to today? Why are men able to control the lives of women and take their voices away? Why? Women are like men, whether men want to admit it or not. Some men do not feel superior to women, but there is an innumerable amount that do feel the need to dominate. Where this need to dominate and be superior, probably comes from just being who they are: men. They cannot help themselves, and they think of themselves as better than women, smarter than women, more influential than women. Men and women are equals and deserve to have the same rights, because God created us as equals.
Women and men have their flaws. Nobody is perfect. But men used to ignore their flaws and only see those of women. In the Declaration of Independence, when Thomas Jefferson and et al wrote it, the words, "all men are created equal," are an understatement (Jefferson et al. par. 2). Instead of taking the deeper meaning of these words, men took the easy way out and limited it to just men. These words were supposed to signify that "men and women are created equal" (Stanton et al. 379). Stanton, in the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions, using the Declaration of Independence as the example which she followed, not only brings out the flaws of the Declaration of Independence, but the flaws of men. Why was it that Jefferson and the other authors did not use the word women in their work? It is such a small word, only five letters long, and had it been added would make life for us all so much easier. The power of one word is so immense, that it's hard to comprehend. However, that one word can clear up a huge controversy over what a document is intended to pronounce.
The Declaration of Independence was a document that presented all the "abuses and usurpations" Great Britain had inflicted upon the colonies (Jefferson et al. par. 2). Almost the same argument was presented by Stanton's work, but the biggest difference was this: the victim and the abuser. In the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions, women were the sole victim, and men were the abusers....

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