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All For One Or One For All

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All for one or one for all ?
“English jurist and professor William Blackstone [once] said ‘Better that 10 guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer,” ( qtd. in Meltzer 106). Benjamin Franklin went even further and said “that it is better [100] guilty persons should escape than that one innocent should suffer" (qtd. in Meltzer 106);The Christians said it is better to leave the “99 sheep on the mountains and go in search for the one that is straying.” ( New American Standard Bible,Matthew. 18.12-14). The idea of looking out for one person, even over the sake of others, has long been expressed through political,historical,and religious ...view middle of the document...

Despite all these facts, the prosecution’s arguments left room for reasonable doubt in the jurors minds and they then acquitted her of charges of first degree murder(Robbins;Bondi; Sarokin)
On example of an innocent man being convicted is The Jesse Joseph Tafero v. State of Florida involved a father,Jesse Tafero,mother,Jacobs, and their 2 children and friend,Rhode who were pulled over by two policemen,who saw a gun on the seat. Rhodes then shot the two policemen, but he accused Tafero and his wife of the murders and they were both put on death row.However,years later, Rhodes confessed 3 times that it was him, not Tafero,who shot the policemen. Tafero died by Electrocution with "six-inch flames erupt[ing] from [his] head, and [with] three jolts of power . . . required to stop his breathing". I(Murderpedia); radelet)ni this courts refused to look at the facts in the situation and reassess the case an innocent man was left to die a brutal, barbaric death and his children to grow up fatherless.
When consider these two cases together if one imagines 100 people lieCasey getting loose so that one tafero could live both will seem like horrible options to the person choose from. However 100 Casey’s can be caught and put in jail later , it is always a possibility, whereas Tafero does not get a second chance. Tafero and other innocents will lose more then society would be not locking the criminals up . Criminals can face death penalties that are sometimes messed up,jal sentences,fines that any one person should not have to sacrifice . society can always find the criminals again but they can not bring back people like tafero who were electrocuted through the head taken away from their children for 30 years and have their wives left them . the damage and burden placed on this all for one this mockingbird is something that should not become more frequent. So when the court systems want to give more power to the police and limit the rights of the accused through loopholes like the good faith exception they are only making the frequency increase of innocent people being convicted .
It is always stunning when court systems fail their people. Profound pain can be felt in those who hear about criminals getting loose.However, it is even more agonized and heart wrenching hearing...

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