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“All For The Sake Of A Better Tomorrow”

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Attaining national progress both economically and socially does not simply occur overnight. This initiative takes quite a number of hands (and feet) to steer the nation to a path of growth not only for the people of today but also for the children of tomorrow.
One may think that the person solely responsible for directing the reins of our nation towards its path rests on the shoulder of the President, but I have come to realize that nobody possesses that kind of power. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that every voice ringing out for the Philippines contributes in some way to the direction in which our country goes. Presidents are not the only ones responsible for all the success nor are they liable for all the failures our dear country faced since all of us share the burden of those actions. They are in that position in order to plan an action and lead us to a brighter future; consequently, it falls in our hands to contribute and follow as well. For it is important to remember that it takes a whole lot of Filipinos to raise a country such as the Philippines.
These thoughts were formed into my consciousness as I revisited the period when Ferdinand E. Marcos once lead the country and the time when Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III just became our leader; it is definitely odd that I felt a sense of apprehension seeping within my bones as a read, perhaps the reason for all my uneasiness is that seeing how time unfolded a series of events for the two of these great men, which eventually lead to this version of today. This made me realize that I have complete freedom to imagine instances different from our written history in order to create other versions of the present that could create insights for the future to come. Well, it is only natural for economists to gather analysis and conclusions based from history but it still amazes and overwhelms me time and time again, I guess should be used to this type of approach since it is quite interesting and challenging. Going back, I began to form some thoughts about the impact both of these leaders have in the progression of our country especially in its economic aspect. Moreover, the thoughts I am to write here would not be wasted for it has been fascinating to have two different yet deeply connected viewpoints coming from the man who once stood up at the right time but failed to realize when to step down, and to the son who still possess the time to prove that he can introduce a change like his parents once did.
Maybe in this way, I can start my journey in order to contribute my own little analysis towards the growth of our country. Starting with the past going towards the present that will then form the upcoming future of the Philippines
The Forgotten Legacy
“Leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness, and he who is a leader must always act alone. And acting alone, accept everything alone.”
Ferdinand Marcos is an image of change in his time as the President and one could not deny how...

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