All Humans Are Human, Not All Are Humane English 103 Essay

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All Humans are Human, not all are Humane
Humans have been around for tens of thousands of years. The modern human came into the picture roughly ten thousand years ago. In the past thousands of years humans have evolved into intelligent sentient beings that were able to record history and write. They understood the concept of time. Humans are the only beings in the world to record history. In Buddhism the word sentient means, matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness. Human’s mental power to think and self-aware consciousness is what sets us apart from all other beings in this world. Humans have complex and moldable minds. Humans perceive right and wrong differently from person to person, and Erich Fromm understands this. The mental capabilities to analyze, and consciousness to choose how to behave is what makes a sane human, regardless of humane or inhumane.
The last six thousand years of recorded human history is what defines a human. Humans ascended from the Stone Age, to the modern Neolithic era. During that time frame, for the first-time humans created alphabets, art, farmed and formed societies. These developments separated the modern human from their nomadic paleolithic human ancestors. Humans since then have not only survived, but thrived. The level of intelligence that humans have, distinguishes humans from all other beings in the world. Humans can be considered the most artistic beings in the world as well.
The human species has been able to survive for the last 200,000 years because we have always thought outside of the box. Early humans started off as nomadic people. Moving from one area to another in packs of people for food. Once farming was discovered, humans could settle down and have communities. Farming was discovered when man analyzed how plants grew in the first place. This analytical thinking power is what has helped humanity achieve greater heights and assure our survival as a species. Throughout history there have been great minds like Newton, Darwin, Plato and Einstein that have helped humanity.
Throughout history, humans have always been in groups of people. Since the establishment of societies, humans have assured their survival by helping one another. Human social interactions portrayed in a society is what defines a good human. A good human is one that, has integrity, respect, love, benevolence, shows empathy and feels sympathy. The ideal utopia for humans is one that works off the basis of good morals and ethics. Humans are born with the traits to love. I agree with Erich Fromm where he says “…man has an intense striving for love, for justice, for truth, for solidarity” (258). A new born baby is wired to smile when seeing the mother. Conscious humans learn to respect one another and this is how humans have continued to survive, by working together, as a family and or community. Not all humans are smart, but they can still...

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