All I Learned In My Fall 2009 Rdg 096 Class

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RDG 096 is a course wherein students will learn to improve their reading and comprehension skills and will be provided by substantial reading methods and techniques. Halfway through the course, I have written lessons that I have learned in this course and to name a few were the differences among ideas, context clues, word parts and tracking information. Now that the fall semester is almost over and course RDG 096 is almost already through, I have learned new things such as basic patterns of organization, comparison/contrast and cause/effect pattern, fact and opinion, and tone and bias.
Right after learning how to track information, I have learned how to recognize the basic patterns of organization. These patterns could be seen through the use of example, definition, chronological order and process, and listing. Example pattern is one of the clearest ways to explain something especially when the subject in unfamiliar or unknown. The writer helps the reader to understand whatever subject is being discussed through citing and describing examples. Definition on the other hand, is defining the subject through describing features and explaining how it is different from other subjects. Definition is often combined with example. Another pattern is chronological order and process. Both terms refer to the order in which something occurs or is done. Chronological order usually present events according to the time it had occurred that starts with first, then second and so on. Chronological process also follows a time sequence and usually used when explaining how something is done or made. One more pattern is listing wherein importance of a particular subjects are less. It would not matter which comes first nor which comes last. All in all, these four basic patterns of organization will help a reader to easily find and understand the important points writers are making.
Another lesson I have learned was comparison/contrast pattern and cause/effect pattern. Comparison treats similarities, whereas contrast emphasizes differences. Comparison pattern can identify the items that are being compared and makes a list of why these items are alike. Transitional words such both and same is a signal that comparison is being made. On the contrary, contrast...

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