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All I Want For Christmas Is An Assault Rifle

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Visualize men with guns breaking down your door and pointing them at your family. Now imagine these men taking your children, forcing them to serve in their military force. In only an instant, your children are gone and you are left with no knowledge of the fate of your kids. As terrifying and seemingly impossible as this imagined scenario may be, it is a stark reality for many families in third world countries. Where families fear not if their children will be taken but when those doors will be broken down, and their screaming children will be dragged out through the front door. The parents know that they cannot not stop these men even if they attempt to. Yet, in an unreasonable twist ...view middle of the document...

The amount of weight that can be carried by children is drastically reduced paralleled to older counter parts. The uses of lighter and cheaper automatic rifles may assist in the weight issue but having a lighter rifle result in stronger felt recoil. And as a consequence of a stronger recoil, accuracy of the weapon decreases with the increase of felt recoil. With an essential aspect of soldier diminished, many question why children are used as soldiers. In Beber and Blattman’s article “The Logic of Child Soldiering and Coercion”, children are a cheap, limitless, and renewable resource that are the manifestation of the growing barbarity of war. Beber and Blattman also include that while children are easier to coerce, they are easier to mislead, indoctrinate, and cheaper to retain. Escape is almost nonexistent on account most children are taken to different portions of the country where custom, dialect, and landmarks are unknown. Some suggest that children are more willing to fight for “honor”, revenge, or protection, while others imply that children are incredibly malleable, adaptable, and obedient.
Regardless of how well trained child soldiers are the undisputable fact is that lives are cheap. The cost of war is at all times a terrible price for any side. However, every army seeks to reduce these costs without decreasing the capabilities or chances of success. A prime example of the belief “quantity is in its own a quality” is World War II. Russia and America both made incredible cheap and easy to produce tanks compared to the German Nazi army. Yet, the German military made some of the most advanced and technologically sophisticated war machines at the time. The Panzerkampfwagen VIAusführung H, or Tiger I, was a massive heavy tank that boasted incomparable firepower, armor, and sophistication against its M4 Sherman and T-34 counterparts. Conversely, the cost of these tanks where beyond mass production levels. The well-known Kalashnikov assault rifle was also notorious for it’s easy of production and cheap material costs. Made to be used by the citizens, this rifle stands for liberation and oppression. The very same ideas go for child soldiers. Since children are plentiful, rations and time involved in training are reduced significantly. Training children to fight and act how you see fit can be injected at an early age and mold their minds. Producing a fighting force that can instill fear and operate simple automatic rifles,...

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