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All Is Fair In Sex And War

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I awoke late afternoon one Sunday to the sound of my television. As I slowly came to consciousness, the voices grew louder and more distinct. The first I recognized was that of Barbara Walters, the second was the unmistakable sound of Star Jones. Opening my eyes, my suspicions were confirmed; it is "The View," that popular all-female cast talk show. One of the hostesses announced that today's guests were the outspoken feminist, Gayle Rubin and the star of one of Aristophones' famous Greek plays, Lysistrata. A series of topics were brought up for discussion and the following dialogue ensued. The dialogue is prompted with questions about sexuality, feminism and politics.DialogueRubin. I believe that there is no hierarchy of sexuality. If men love boys, men or whatever else the case may be, that is just as valid and acceptable as any other relationship.Lysistrata: What then is the purpose of marriage? Men are supposed to love their wives and find them desirous. Without this convention, society will not function properly. Imagine a society in which men only desire one-another; what would that leave for us women?Rubin. Just because they are not in heterosexual relationships does not mean that they cannot experience love and sexual fulfillment. Just as it is possible for men to desire men, it is possible that women may desire women. Moreover, it is not likely that every male in one society will have the exact same preference and sexual orientation. Homosexuality is not a disease; it does not spread rampantly. It is just as I've said in my essay, Thinking Sex, such a claim is merely a figment of erotic hysteria.Lysistrata. I am not denying that there can be sexual desire towards members of the same sex. It is a naturally occurring part of life and occurs in my community: Lysistrata: Good day, Lampito, dear friend from Lacedaemon. How well and handsome you look! What a rosy complexion! And how strong you seem; why you could strangle a bull surely! Lampito: Yes, indeed, I really think I could. 'Tis because I do gymnastics and practice the kick dance. Lysistrata: And what superb bosoms! Lampito: La! You are feeling me as if I were a beast for sacrifice. (Aristophanes' Lysistrata) However, I speak for all the women in my area when I say that as a woman in my village, my power is great over men. This is simply because of male heterosexual desire.Rubin. I do not disagree with the idea that female sexuality can be expressed and I am in agreement with your pro-sex feminism. However, a relationship where sex is used for controlling and manipulative purposes, when this manipulation is against the wishes of one of the participants, is unethical: A democratic morality should judge sexual acts by the way partners treat one another, the level of mutual consideration, the...

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