All Men Are Equal In Court

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People would like to be able to believe that the statement “All men are created equal in our court system” is true, but sadly this statement is not true in many different cases. Our court system is prejudices against those who may be African American. Many cases that include African Americans discrimination are done. Some examples of these cases would be first, case is the Scottsboro Boys second, is the case of Emmet Till and Medgar Evers third, the Emmett Till case.
First case is the Scottsboro boys. On March 25, 1931 9 African American boys boarded a train along with 2 girls and a group of teenage boys who just happened to be Caucasian. A fight broke out among the 2 different groups of boys, and in the end the group of white boys got thrown off of the train. On March 31 all 9 boys had been accused of gang rape. All 9 boys were put on trial but the jurors decided who their lawyers were and they possibly gave them the worse ones that they could find. Clarence Norris and Charles Weems were the first 2 boys to go on trial, their lawyers just happened to be a Tennessee real estate with a drinking problem but no criminal law experience and a man 70 years old who is an Alabama attorney who hasn’t had a case in a couple of decades. 12 days after being arrested all of the boys besides one were sentenced to death. Just like it is in the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” a black boy was accused of raping a white girl. Back then a white person’s word was mainly the law and by far greater than a black person’s word. In the end it ends up being a white persons word over a black and the white person is going to win every single time. Not much has changed over the years with the racism.
Second is the case of Emmett Till and of Medgar Evers. Emmett Till was a young 14-year-old African American who was kidnapped, beaten, and murdered for whistling at Carolyn Bryant a young white girl. Emmett Till was dumped that night in the Tallahatchie River in Money Mississippi on August 28, 1955. Emmett Till was killed by Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam. Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were arrested for kidnapping before Emmett’s body was found. When they found Emmett’s body then sent it back to Chicago to his mother on her request. Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were announced as not guilty for the murder of Emmett Till on September 23. Medgar Evers was highly approved of in his time. He helped with the Emmett Till case and also with the Clyde Kennard case. After he helped with these cases this is when Medgar began to be vulnerable to people sending him death threats and also to attacks. On June 21, 1963, Medgar pulled into his driveway returning from a meeting when he got out of his car and started walking toward his house he...

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